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Online since March 20, 1998, averages more than 10 million monthly hits, with a record 37 million in March 2007.
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Tom Voigt -- Webmaster --

Built and maintained exclusively by Tom Voigt of Portland, Ore., is committed to obtaining and archiving all available case-related materials. A majority of the Zodiac's writings, as well as case-related police reports and crime scene photos, were first published at's Case Resources:
*San Francisco Police Dept. access
*Vallejo Police Dept. access
*Napa County Sheriff's Dept. access
*Video and newspaper library
*Visits to all crime scenes
*Interviews with more than 500 persons who have involvement in the case, including investigators, witnesses, suspects, reporters and friends/family members of victims.
(See partial list at right.)

Below: I'm Tom. For more than two decades I have operated a website to catch the Zodiac killer. Years ago I added a hotline so people could share their own information. Some of the calls are helpful. Some chilling. Some redefine crazy. All are compelling. This is CALLING ZODIAC --

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