Arthur Leigh Allen, 1966
Class Photo
Valley Springs Elementary
Valley Springs, Calif.
Arthur Leigh Allen began his teaching career in California in 1959. After approximately ten years of employment at various elementary schools, Allen was forced to relinquish his teaching credential due to a child molesting charge. Soon after, the Zodiac killer began terrorizing the San Francisco Bay Area, killing young people and writing letters to the newspapers threatening school children.

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Arthur Leigh Allen's known school-related employment history:
(Some dates are approximate.)

*1951-1952, The Plunge, Vallejo High School, Vallejo, Calif.

*1959-1962, Santa Rosa Elementary School, Atascadero, Calif.

*1962-1963, Travis Elementary School, Travis Air Force Base, Calif.

*1966-1968, Valley Springs Elementary School, Valley Springs, Calif.

*1969-1970, Cave Elementary School, Vallejo, Calif.

*1970s, Sonoma State University, Rhonert Park, Calif.
(Full-time student)

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