Zodiackiller.com Mission Statement

When I launched this website in March 1998, I intended to post every bit of Zodiac information I could obtain. The plan worked for a while. However, by early 1999 I found myself with a wealth of materials and the idea of adding hundreds of documents and photographs to the site seemed impossible.

By early 2000, fellow researchers had begun inquiring about the availability of certain reports. I had many offers to sell the materials but I always declined; they had cost me thousands of dollars to acquire and I didn't want to part with them. But as 2001 approached and it had become so clear that there were many people who felt they could benefit greatly by having access to my materials, I made the decision to sell certain reports through my site.

The years 2001 and 2002 saw this site grow enormously and economics became a major factor. Hits increased as the public (and news media) showed renewed interest in the case. I quickly began to grow dependent on the income generated from selling the reports, as it helped offset the cost of maintaining this huge project. (Zodiackiller.com now boasts over 550 pages of information, not counting the additional 500-plus pages found at the message board.)

Now it's 2003 and the fifth anniversary of Zodiackiller.com is just a few months away. This year will see the release of two (and possibly three) Zodiac-inspired films, with others in production. Interest in the case will undoubtedly soon reach a level not seen since the 1960s and 1970s.

While I still believe the case will be solved, the clock is ticking. With the exposure this site has enjoyed and the likelihood of a huge increase in attention this year, I believe it is more imperative than ever that people have access to as much case information as possible. One never knows what might stir memories or prompt someone to come forward with that missing, vital piece of information.

I've recently added virtually every report in my collection to this site and will continue to do so as I obtain even more. However, the expense of maintaining this site remains and I need your help to continue. Donations of any size are accepted and much appreciated. (Details on how to donate are provided at each of the recent updates.)

Thanks to all of you who have helped make this website so successful.