On the afternoon of Wednesday, Aug. 18, 2004, the bodies of Jason Allen, 26, and Lindsay Cutshall, 23, were found in their sleeping bags on a remote ocean beach just north of Jenner in Sonoma County, Calif. Each had been shot in the head sometime between Saturday night, Aug. 14 and early Monday morning, Aug. 16. The murder weapon was either a Marlin Model 1894 rifle, lever action, .45 long Colt caliber, or a Marlin Model 45, semi-automatic/camp carbine, .45 ACP caliber. There was no sign of a struggle, nothing was stolen and neither victim had been sexually assaulted. Their vehicle, a red 1993 Ford Tempo, was found parked just off Highway 1 several hundred feet from the crime scene and was apparently not tampered with. No motive for the murders has been established and no suspects developed.

Due to the amazing similarities between the Allen/Cutshall murders and those of the Zodiac killer, I visited the Jenner area on Wednesday, Sept. 1, 2004, along with fellow Zodiac researchers Ed Neil and Sandy Betts.
Discussion on the many similarities between the Zodiac's crimes and this double murder can be found here.
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Original crime scene, two weeks earlier
Jason Allen | Lindsay Cutshall | Victims' Car: 1, 2, 3, 4

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Looking south from a turnout off Highway 1, this is an overview of the beach north of Jenner.

Sandy and Ed enjoy the beautiful view.

The beginning of the steep, winding trail leading down to the beach.

All of the trails that lead to the beach along this portion of Highway 1 are rather treacherous.

If the killer used this trail at night, he must have carried a flashlight.

Ed got a sideache halfway down and had to rest. Too much Taco Bell?

Ed at the end of the trail. The entire area is quite secluded.

Sandy wasn't dressed for such an endeavor, but she eventually made it.

While many enjoy the view from the highway above, we saw only a couple of people on the beach.

Ed and Sandy attempting to identify the crime scene from a newspaper photograph. It wasn't easy.

Ed enjoying the scenery. It was hard to imagine such a horrible crime occurring in such a beautiful location.

Highway 1 is on the ridge in the background.

Ed examines an area near the crime scene. We found a few interesting items, although we aren't sure if they are relevant to the investigation.


The crime scene was by the rock and to the left of this picture.

Looking down at the crime scene from the highway.

One of the items we found looked like an explosive wrapped in tape.

Sandy searching for clues. The beach was remarkable clean, probably due to the intense investigation.

We dug around in quite a bit of debris. Luckily, nobody encountered a jellyfish.

Sandy takes this stuff quite seriously and even tried to check the top of the huge rock!

Ed and I finally had to pull her off once it started to get dark...

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