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By scott (exchange.thebernsteincompanies.com - on Friday, August 25, 2000 - 09:29 pm:

I would like to know if during the phone call after the Ferrin/Mageau shooting if the caller referred to himself as zodiac? I know the car door at the Lake Berryessa site was signed with the Zodiac symbol but was this the only time he left a calling card at the site of his crimes? I know in his letters Zodiac provided information that the police stated only the killer could provide but was not this the case in the Cheri Jo Bates murder. Why is Zodiac credited with the crimes before Lake Berryessa but not Cheri Jo Bates? Is it just a case of two separate police investigations?

By Ed N. (spider-wn011.proxy.aol.com - on Friday, August 25, 2000 - 10:06 pm:

Z did not refer to himself as "the Zodiac" until his fourth letter of 8-1 or 8-2-1969, and did not use that name in either of his phone calls.

By sandy (c531918-a.ptbrg1.sfba.home.com - on Friday, August 25, 2000 - 11:50 pm:

Ed, I believe it was August 7th 69. I think he waited until after Darlene was killed , because she knew what name he would use. She may of made the costume for him, thinking it would be used for Halloween. She knew how to sew.Her ex husband was a diver, and could of had a Zodiac watch.I don't know of any other brand of under water watches at that time.The killer seemed to like that logo,along with water and time.Maybe "he" was a diver?

By Howard (dialup- - on Friday, September 22, 2000 - 01:08 am:

Sandy-yeap August 7th and "This is the Zodiac speaking",a lead in that would become infamous.In Zodiacs August 1st letter he refers to himself as "This is the murderer"..." Now, for all time "murderer" is equated with the later appellation "Zodiac"; very subliminal, yet a direct manifestation.Ed N. is right, but one would think that in the second call he would have used his pen name Zodiac.In the October 22,69 ll to the Oakland PD the caller identified himself as the Zodiac ;"This is the Zodiac speaking"and demanding to get "in touch with F. Lee Baily... "or Melvin Belli.Some, of course, dispute if this was indeed the Zodiac. The letter to Belli the famed attorney,sent 12/20/69 has been referred to as probable evidence that the October 22nd caller was Zodiac.The dispatcher that took the call(why didn't these guys record?groan, N. Ca. I guess!)was "certain" he spoke to the real Zodiac.Two days earlier, someone called the Palo Alto Times claiming to be the Zodiac;the time of the call was around 6:30. I thought about that time and the fact that ,among other things,Palo Alto was a college town. The time Zodiac wrote on Harnells' car door(near the bottom half according to Tom who has actually seen the door,it was a Ghia ,so it was low to the ground; this could show Z may not have been that tall and ponderous to have written at that bottom half of a small vehicle,for a lighter man of 5'8"that wouldn't be too much of a prob'-why make life more difficult!)was 6:30. So if some authenticity is to be found for the callers claims of being Zodiac it could be the time of the call and it matching the door time of 6:30. Of course,"maybe" is our Zodiac refrain! EdN. is right there are just too many ponderables in this case!Z said he was crack proof and that he was too clever to be caught-lets see its 2000 and this started in 1968 or was it 1966 or 1963or earlier?Is that 42+ years?The July call to the Vallejo PD was more like a report as the caller said he would like to" report" a"DOUBLE murder" it sounded like it was 'rehearsed" or that he was "reading' from a written statement. Incidently, the caller(if it wasn't a confederate reading a statement(!) was sure he killed both ,a "double", the girl and boy.He meant to kill the male too.It was all the kicking the tall thin wirey Mageau did that threw off his aim as Z said later. He was certain that both would bleed to death soon. Those teens that found the victims wern't expected. Now, the same thing happened at LB in September of 69.The caller like Ed.N says has no ID,and says pretty much the same thing , he did in Julys call-theres been a "double" murder, meaning that he was sure the male was dead. Again, people happen on the scene and get help. Z miscalculated again-he wasn't trying to save the male .It was more "fun" to attack the female. If one accepts the 66' 187 as Zs then the letters' statement that she was"young and beautiful" and that she was also "battered and dead" indicates he notes female beauty and form. Indeed, the writer speaks of the "beautiful blond" and the "shapely blue eyed brownette(not brunett as some have it);he notices young beautiful shapely girls -hes no little child molester("her breast was warm and firm under my hands") and he especially enjoys killing them.But, as David Faraday found out ,he could, like Stine and his contact head wound, do the same- kill the male too!Z was trying to do the head contact thing to M but he proved to be a hard hit.Note, like Betty Jensen Darlene suffered wounds to the right side and Mike was shot in the face.The detailed directions are alike in both calls. Note Zs details(like distances and directions,etc.) in his account of his narrow escape from the SFPD. The penchant for details are in the Bates 66' letter like "twitched" "scream"and "squirm",etc.for comparative word traits in the 70'Z torture letter - compare them.

By Pamhuckaby (Pamhuckaby) (ac943f12.ipt.aol.com - on Tuesday, January 23, 2001 - 07:35 pm:

Sandy, you are wrong Darlene couldn't sew at all


By Chrissy (Chrissy) (dial-63.farmtel.net - on Tuesday, January 23, 2001 - 10:14 pm:

Hi Pam:

Thought you were real bad off, good to see you are still around. Chrissy formerly of Tacoma here, have a good new year.

Chrissy Shaw

By Sandy (Sandy) (c531918-a.ptbrg1.sfba.home.com - on Saturday, January 27, 2001 - 09:41 am:

Pam, please find the post , and let me know the date that I said anything about Darlene knowing how to sew? I can't find it ! Gosh, I wouldn't want to make a statement like that, and blow the whole case!! How would I know if she did or didn't? Don't take everything you read on this board as factual,most of these people are theoretical, that's all we can be. After all only the Zodiacs know for sure

By Alanc (Alanc) (spider-ta043.proxy.aol.com - on Saturday, January 27, 2001 - 09:52 am:

Sandy, it's the third post in this thread.

By Sandy (Sandy) (c531918-a.ptbrg1.sfba.home.com - on Sunday, January 28, 2001 - 05:44 am:

Thank you Alanc, I just read it. I must of went by the Z book .It tells that someone gave the material to Darlene, and she made it into the jump suit she was wearing the night she was shot. This person was the same one who was leaving her things from Mexico, also packs of what felt like money. But again not everything was fact in the book, because the people who Graysmith got his info from didn't always tell the truth .(The part about the money was not in the book ,it came from an interview with Pam in a news paper).

By Lapumo (Lapumo) (p51-31.as1.clm.clonmel.eircom.net - on Friday, October 04, 2002 - 06:32 am:

Can anyone tell me if the Emergency Phone Number
out there has always been the same? I could be mistaken,but wasn't it something else before 911?
Would this have been the number in use at the time of the Zodiac murders?
Anyone thanks!

By Spencer (Spencer) (legal-research-center-201-21.lclark.edu - on Friday, October 04, 2002 - 09:19 am:

For a brief history of emergency numbers in the United States, go to this site: http://www.911dispatch.com/911_file/history/911history.html

911 originated in 1968, and its first use in California was in Gustine, Merced County. While the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand all had three digit emergency numbers to some degree before 1968, the United States did not.


By Peter H (Peter_H) (pool-141-154-20-150.bos.east.verizon.net - on Friday, October 04, 2002 - 09:49 am:

"I could be mistaken, but wasn't it something else before 911?"

No: before 911 it was still 911.

Sorry, Lapumo, I can't help myself.

By Lapumo (Lapumo) (p51-160.as1.clm.clonmel.eircom.net - on Friday, October 04, 2002 - 10:32 am:

Thanks Spencer.
That's OK Peter ,I understand :)

By Sandy (Sandy) (ppp-67-116-224-76.dialup.pltn13.pacbell.net - on Monday, October 07, 2002 - 09:43 pm:

What I read was in March 1970 the town of Gustine was the first to have 911. How odd, Gustine is not that far from where Kathleen Johns was followed in March of 70. I believe Patterson is just north of Gustine.It would be interesting to find out if Z helped to install the 911 for the phone company.And that was how Darlene and he crossed paths?( Darlene worked for the phone co. in S.F.) Just another one of those things to think about.The fact that Z liked to use the phone so much after doing his thing,maybe that was a clue?