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By Rob Huffman (Robhuffman) ( on Wednesday, October 24, 2001 - 12:57 pm:

Is it just me or does the handwriting on the anthrax letters seem emulate the Zodiac's? (I'm just sort of kidding, but...)

By Tom Voigt (Tom_Voigt) ( - on Wednesday, October 24, 2001 - 01:21 pm:

I've gotten many e-mail from people who have noticed the same thing.

By Ed N (Ed_N) ( - on Wednesday, October 24, 2001 - 02:04 pm:

Now the question should be: why would a terrorist attempt to imitate Z's writing at all? Even including the lines slanting down to the right! Terrorists are here to kill us and create terror, not to read about elusive serial killers.

By Howard Davis (Howard) ( - on Wednesday, October 24, 2001 - 02:09 pm:

Block printing is harder to evaluate and the writer is trying to disguise his writng.There are many samples of this kind of printing that I have seen over the years and it appears Zodiac like.
I think that we can be so Zodiac focused that we see these kinds of pseudo links-it's human.

By Mcgarrett2000 (Mcgarrett2000) ( - on Wednesday, October 24, 2001 - 05:54 pm:

I agree Howard. I think that there is more to there being similarities in the state of mind of people committing crimes and acts of terror through the mail leading them to have similar hand writing (hurried but trying to be nondescript all at the same time) than any actual hard Anthrax/Z connection

By Bookworm (Bookworm) ( - on Wednesday, October 24, 2001 - 08:32 pm:

Using fake return addresses, like the 4th grade one, would be something any terrorist, serial killer, etc. would do. The question is why they use the return addresses that they do use?

Letters from kids wouldn't seem suspicious.

My other guess on the school one, is that the Pentagon is shaped similar to a school zone sign. And grade school kids sent letters to the weather people. We look at the sky to see what it looks like outside. The sky is where the planes came from on Sept. 11th, too.

The sloped writing reminds me of when the Titantic sank. Or it could have something to do with the scales of justice.

By Ryan Olesin (Ryan) ( - on Thursday, October 25, 2001 - 01:13 am:

I thought that too, but block letters don't leave much room for independent style.

The 4th grade return address creates the illusion that the letter is not threatening. Would you expect the return address to be
A Terrorist
Anthrax Lab, USA
P.O. Box 666
That may cause suspicion.

But hey, we have Zodiac-Unabomber, Zodiac-Manson, I'm game for a Zodiac-Anthrax connection.


By Howard Davis (Howard) ( - on Thursday, October 25, 2001 - 02:11 am:

Have Anthrax take Zanex!I guess we will soon learn that Z is living in cave(or "basement") 666 next to Bin Ladens and they share the same goat!This is just as real as the Laden/Zodiac connection!

By Bookworm (Bookworm) ( - on Thursday, October 25, 2001 - 06:00 pm:

Yes, Howard, I hope it isn't Batman's cave. He'll be sorry. A goat! No kidding!

Captain Kidd wasn't the only pirate; Blackbeard was a pirate too. He was called that because of his long black beard. I wonder if Bin Laden is related to him? A picture:

Humor is good.

By Ed N (Ed_N) ( - on Thursday, October 25, 2001 - 08:00 pm:

Blackbeard's real name was Edward Teach... and Allen was a teacher! Manteca = man teacher (Allen) = Blackbeard! I think we're on to something here...

By Ryan Olesin (Ryan) ( - on Thursday, October 25, 2001 - 09:38 pm:

...on crack.

By Ed N (Ed_N) ( - on Thursday, October 25, 2001 - 09:55 pm:

I think we're getting somewhere, definitely!

By Mike_D (Mike_D) ( - on Sunday, October 28, 2001 - 06:23 am:

If you go to the FBI website you can see all the Anthrax letters.It is kind of creepy how z-like they are.Hmm wonder if it is one lone nut.Reminds me when I was about 12 yrs old I read in the paper about a psycho terrorizing the Bay area named Zodiac who believed the people he killed would be his slaves in paradise.
I proudly anounced to my Mom my solution:the killer I said was a Moslem!My mother chided me-I guess she may have thought the remark bigoted though thats not how I meant it.
Nowadays I'm not quite sure why I thought Z was a Moslem but I think it had to do with Moslems killing for the Faith and the i.d. of Paradise being a real physical place where you got to enjoy Earthly pleasures.We catholics thought of the afterlife as a airy non-physical thing later i realized lots of religions share the Islamic view....but wonder if I was on to somehting back then.

By Mike (Oklahoma_Mike) ( - on Sunday, October 28, 2001 - 10:30 am:

Mike D: Your comment on Z being Moslim is not at
all off-base. With what little I know about the faith, I did recognize the whole 'slaves in paradice' reference. If not Moslem, Z certainly knew more about that relegion than many did back then. Interesting question; If Z did have a military background could he have been stationed in an Islamic country?
If any readers of this board are of the Islamic faith it would be nice to hear your opinions about Z making references to Islamic beliefs. Is it possible or are we two Mikes looking at a dead end?

By Howard Davis (Howard) ( - on Sunday, October 28, 2001 - 12:27 pm:

CM mentioned the black Muslims constantly and how that he would listen to their teachings when he was in jail.He admired, like Hitler, their Faith.Just FYI

By Mike_D (Mike_D) ( - on Monday, October 29, 2001 - 08:11 pm:

Actually the Spiritualist movement also believes in an afterlife which is simply a continuation of this life but a little better.Z seems to have thought like that.
I mentioned a while back a British spirit medium of the 20's who "channeled" a spirit called Zodiac.I wonder if Z grew up in a Spiritualist family adopted some of its ideas but added one of his own-murder victims as his slaves in the afterlife.To this day that one still gives me the creeps when I read it...Z must have lived in his own little world in his head!Kind of like Hell!Ugh.

By Howard Davis (Howard) ( - on Tuesday, October 30, 2001 - 12:27 am:

I am familiar with Spiritualist teachings (which my Christianity rejects)and I have spoken to their ministers and they do not adhere to any such teaching as given by Zodiac in some of his letters.And, of course ,your point is well taken,but please consider the following.

An "after life", as you know, is taught in many faiths and is found in the Bible from beginning to end.It is the "slaves" as expressed by Zodiac that is not found in most,if not all faiths.

It is found -but is very rare-as presented by Zodiac,in a tiny percentage of cults that are believers in extreme occult practices in their doctrines.For Zodiac to even be aware of this rare teaching shows me that he studied the occult in depth(his 'depth'!).The name Zodiac, all the symbols,"slaves", Halloween card-eyes/ acrostic layout of words,etc.bloody cross on postcard,sending postcards letters on astrologically important times,mailing letters on anniversaries of his crimes,using "magic amulet"on paste up to the Bee,and let's not forget the getup complete with black hood and that cross/circle and on it goes-just a few hints to his occult leanings!

There have been arguments that Z was 'just writing about this teaching' or belief but did not really believe it.To me this is not as important (understand it does have 'importance' but I speak as one of the skeptics)as the fact that he KNEW about and continually mentioned this belief in his missives and said it was his PRIMARY motive to kill!Please see posts for pro and con assessments.

By Sylvie (Sylvie14) ( - on Tuesday, October 30, 2001 - 06:49 am:

Keep im mind also of the Druid holiday of Samhain Oct. 31st, in which the tradition is a human sacrifice. If you go by Grenwich Mean Time, which is the standard for correct astrological calculation, it was already Samhain.

By Howard Davis (Howard) ( - on Tuesday, October 30, 2001 - 04:15 pm:

Correct.He did say "it is about time".It was around 10:00 PM!

By Oddball (Oddball) ( - on Wednesday, October 31, 2001 - 06:45 am:

I don't claim to have the final answer as to whether or not Zodiac was "serious" about his occult references. I still think the possibility exists that he read about certain practices--obscure though they are--or moved in cult circles, which would have allowed him to absorb information without necessarily being a direct participant. And this is not to say that he wasn't deeply interested in the subject; obviously he was.
Again, this is just a supposition. Z might have been a member of a cult, or he might not have. I don't want to exclude either possibility.

By EviI (Evii) ( - on Wednesday, October 31, 2001 - 08:09 pm:

Hello Odd,
You're right, we don't know enough to discount either possibility, re Z's possible cult involvement. But we do know enough to theorize on it. Personally, I believe he was involved w a cult, & that other cultists were accessories to (If not participants in) his crimes. I discussed the matter on the occult thread a few weeks back.
Craig Stallone