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By strawbsfan1 (Strawbsfan1) (ws076j3028b.wcomnet.com - on Thursday, April 18, 2002 - 09:48 am:

We know that Z made al least one reference to modern contemporary music; in the 3-13-71 letter (blue meanies-The Beatles). But has anyone found any others? I have aprox 5 right now.

I believe that with these references that Z was either a musician or a music-lover. Aside from Marshall, could any of the other Z suspects fit this characteristic?"

Is this important? Maybe and maybe not. I know if I loved Gilbert And Sullivan the last thing I'd do is start spouting verses into letters for the police. Too incriminatng. But I think that there are more subtle references that might add to the MO of the real Z/Z's.

By GilbertSullivan (Gilbertsullivan) (netcache-1113.public.svc.webtv.net - on Thursday, April 18, 2002 - 10:10 am:

There is some belief that Z wanted to confess. Maybe some priest had key info. *** More puzzle; like elliptical billiard balls.

By Douglas Oswell (Dowland) (68.philadelphia-18-19rs.pa.dial-access.att.net - on Thursday, April 18, 2002 - 10:17 am:

Kaczynski had a thing for music, though he leaned toward the classical. A couple of years ago he told a correspondent that he enjoyed Wagnerian opera; he played trombone in high school (and informally in college, keeping his house-mates awake at night) and composed pieces for his family members to play together as a pastime. And there's a really interesting quote from one of his journals, to-wit:

"Today I saw some slogans posted outside some "community center building," or whatever it was: 'Mankind is one" and similar eloquence--typical of current propaganda; distinctly anti-individualistic in tone. If there is anything that gets me mad, it's that bit of doggerel by John ..."

It cuts off there, and we don't have the rest. But of course he's referring to John Lennon, and the "doggerel" is Lennon's "Imagine."

By Howard Davis (Howard) (dsl-gte-10407-2.linkline.com - on Monday, April 22, 2002 - 12:55 pm:

My guy not only played guitar, but wrote songs/poems.Manson was in the Mikado(three others in his Family knew the Mikado,including Cathrine Share, a classic violinist-yep!)in his drama club in prison and, as is well known, played guitar and wrote several songs,which he continues to do to this day.I am not saying CM was Zodiac.He would identify with certain elements in songs or pieces and see 'meanings' in them.Both men had excellent memories when it came to songs,etc.They would paraphrase at times,but it would be close to the song or piece at hand.They saw certain songs as being useful to "program" the public for their Revolution of terror(see My Life with Charles Manson by Paul Watkins-it is he that says CM told them they had to commit their crimes near water and at crossroads when possible;The Family by Ed Sanders;Helter Skelter by Vince Bugliosi-all three must be read if one wants a FULL perspective-VB,in the beginning, strenously disagreed with my Zodiac connection to CM,but has since changed his mind!).Any Beatles song had very special meaning(they considered them "inspired" or 'instructive' for their "random murders" for the 'Revolution'or to terrorize society and "program the public for gore"!) to them ,as anyone knows that has studied the CM case.They went to see the Yellow Submarine, as did some of their associates to view any 'messages.'All FYI-zodiacmurders.com and book.

By strawbsfan1 (Strawbsfan1) (ws076j3028b.wcomnet.com - on Monday, April 22, 2002 - 02:44 pm:

Well here are two that I find interesting:

Riverside Desktop Poem (1966) and
'Subterranean Homesick Blues'-Bob Dylan (1965)

*the 1st two lines of the Dylan song are:
"Johnny's in the basement
Mixing up the medicine"


Dripping Pen Card (1969) and
'It's Your Thing'-The Isley Brothers (1969)#1 that year

*the end of the Dripping Pen Card is rhythmically identical to the Elvis Presley song Heartbreak Hotel.

Btw, it's interesting to look @ Z's and Dylans career. They are similar. Both did something big in 1966 and then disappeared for a few years(Dylan was in a motorcycle wreck). Both returned to the public scene in 1969. In 1978 Dylan announced he became a born-again Christian. That was the same year the last Z letter was received.

By Howard Davis (Howard) (dsl-gte-10407-2.linkline.com - on Monday, April 22, 2002 - 04:55 pm:

Where do you make that connection to Subtrerranean Homesick Blues and the rh poem?When you read the lyrics they are lacking here...

By strawbsfan1 (Strawbsfan1) (spider-wj073.proxy.aol.com - on Monday, April 22, 2002 - 09:32 pm:

>Where do you make that connection to Subtrerranean Homesick Blues and the rh poem?When you read the lyrics they are lacking here...

portions of the song are rhythmically similar. Believe me, I've only scratched the surface on this 'music' link. Referencing Z himself, I showed you the easy ones.lol

By strawbsfan1 (Strawbsfan1) (ws076j3028b.wcomnet.com - on Wednesday, April 24, 2002 - 07:14 am:

another good example would be the Bates confession.

Within that letter there is rhyme sceme
(I am not sick. I am insane / But that will not stop the game) and rhythmic patterns (She was young and beautiful / Now she's battered and dead / she's not the first and she will not be the last). It's written by someone who feels the need to be creative, not in his description of events, but of ideas and general concepts. That is a classic 'poet,lyricist' prototype. In fact, the only time the author quotates himself, he does it in a bragging mode. He draws more suspense out of one exchane of dialogue than the entire event itself...or any or previous event he seems to be upset over.

Z: I told her it was time
SJB: Time for what?
Z: Time to die

By strawbsfan1 (Strawbsfan1) (cache-dr05.proxy.aol.com - on Monday, October 14, 2002 - 12:37 am:

More Dylan stuff...

What is RH? RP?

1966 Zodiac used RH, in 74 he used RP
so what if...
RH=1966, RI=1967, RJ-1968, RK=1969, RL=1970, RM=1971, RN=1972, RO=1973, RP=1974 (and uses the name Red Phantom as a disguise)

so what? let's count backwards
RH=1966, RG=1965, RF=1964, RE=1963, RD=1962, RC=1961, RB=1960, RA=1959

1959 Robert Allan Zimmerman changed his name to Bob A Dylan making 1959 = year RA

Take out the three 8's and the Z symbol and the 'Kane' cryptogram has the same letters as Bob A Dylan

8 3x? = 24
Bob Dylan was born on May 24th

By strawbsfan1 (Strawbsfan1) (cache-dr05.proxy.aol.com - on Monday, October 14, 2002 - 12:42 am:

Three angels up above the street,
Each one playing a horn,
Dressed in green robes with wings that stick out,
They've been there since Christmas morn.
The wildest cat from Montana passes by in a flash,
Then a lady in a bright orange dress,
One U-Haul trailer, a truck with no wheels,
The Tenth Avenue bus going west.
The dogs and pigeons fly up and they flutter around,
A man with a badge skips by,
Three fellas crawlin' on their way back to work,
Nobody stops to ask why.

from the Bob Dylan Song, 'Three Angels'

By Spencer (Spencer) (acad76f4.ipt.aol.com - on Monday, October 14, 2002 - 12:59 pm:


You've proven yet again (as with Eduard's "Batman" page and Penn's "Times 17") that anything can be made to seem sinister and Zodiacal given enough stretching. Maybe there is an influence of Dylan, but you've taken it to the extreme, as have the others.


By Howard Davis (Howard) (dsl-pb-4550.linkline.com - on Monday, October 14, 2002 - 05:45 pm:

It was NOT three 8s, but three Zodiac symbols for Taurus within the symbol for a full moon.
Bates was killed during a full moon in Taurus(rules the throat!)FYI.