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By Tom Voigt (Tom_Voigt) ( on Monday, July 01, 2002 - 12:44 pm:

The Zodiac Fascination

By Richard Freedman, Times-Herald staff writer

They are coming from Hawaii, Georgia, Massachusetts, Oregon and who knows where else.

More than 200 are expected, with one common interest -- a handful of unsolved gruesome murders more than 30 years ago by a clever killer who left law enforcement officials empty handed, a community shaken and crime fans fascinated.

Call them Zodiologists, Zodiofiles, Zodiobuffs or just plain people captivated by the heinous serial killings. They are mesmerized by the dreaded Zodiac. And they'll be at Blue Rock Springs on Thursday, the 33rd anniversary of the hideous shooting of 22-year-old Darlene Ferrin.

Tom Voigt, via his Web site, organized the Fourth of July event from noon to dusk.

The purpose, Voigt said, "is to share ideas, information and theories about the unsolved Zodiac crimes."

Voigt met with other Zodiac researchers in Riverside last month, finding it "rewarding."

"And, on such a larger scale July 4, I expect it to be even more so," he said.

Voigt is in constant communication with others who share his passion and said most of his colleagues of the crimes aren't weird.

"Most people attracted to this case are very cerebral, creative and intelligent," Voigt said. "Granted, some are also very unusual. I'm hoping that gathering them in one spot to share ideas and theories will produce information that might help advance the case."

Voigt said he's received more than 150 RSVPs on his Web site and said he expects as many as 300 attendees.

"I received a lot of e-mail from case followers in Europe and Asia expressing frustration that I didn't give them more notice of the event," Voigt said.

Voigt promised "" buttons to the first 100 at the event and said he would "probably do this again next year, unless I go bankrupt."

A commercial Web designer by trade, Voigt said that "like most other Zodiac buffs, I enjoy and need the mental challenge the case provides."

As for his family's response to his Zodiac interests, Voigt joked that "my family mysteriously disappeared several years ago and you will never find them."

"Just kidding," he said. "They think what I'm doing is very interesting and actually want to come to the event but I won't let them. I've got enough to worry about besides my 65-year-old father on the streets of Vallejo."

Voigt admitted that there is a hope that the real killer makes an appearance at Blue Rock Springs.

"Modern FBI profiles of serial killers indicate that if he is able, the Zodiac will probably show up to the Fourth of July event," Voigt said.

Voigt said he's handing out the "Nice Zodiac" buttons "since the killer asked for them in a 1970 letter to the San Francisco Chronicle."

There have been dozens of alleged Zodiac suspects, including Vallejo's Arthur Leigh Allen.

"In my opinion, the most-qualified suspect is Allen," Voigt said. "He died in 1992, so, barring a miracle, we won't be seeing him."