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By Tom Voigt (Admin) ( - on Monday, May 05, 2003 - 12:46 am:

San Francisco Chronicle
Monday, March 18, 1968

A Bizarre Killing on Nob Hill

A single shot shattered the Sunday quiet of Nob
Hill last night and a man standing on the corner of
Taylor and Pine Streets fell to the sidewalk with a
bullet in the base of his skull.

The execution-style attack erupted 15 feet in
front of a visitor from Columbus, Ohio.

John F. Winter, a 21-year-old freelance writer,
said he was walking up the hill and "suddenly I saw
a man in a dark trenchcoat cross the street. He
walked right up behind the man standing at the corner
and put a small pistol against the base of his skull
and ... he shot him."

Winter told police he tried to chase the attacker
as he fled east on Pine Street "but I couldn't get
too close. I was afraid he would shoot me."

The victim of the bizarre attack was rushed to
Mission Emergency Hospital where he was reported in
very critical condition. He was identified as Stuart
E. Maher, 48, of 1850 Clay Street.

Police were notified of the attack shortly after
11 p.m. by a resident of the Huntington Hotel who
heard the gunshot.

San Francisco Examiner
Monday, March 18, 1968

Bizarre Killing of Tax Expert on Nob Hill

A man who "waddled like a duck" was being sought
in a bizarre Nob Hill execution-style murder.

The victim was Stuart E. Maher, 48, chief tax
consultant for the Western Pacific Railrod, who lived
at 1850 Clay St.

He never glimpsed his assailant, who approached
from behind, placed a small caliber pistol behind his
left ear, and fired.

Maher, whose home was only a few blocks away,
crumbled to the sidewalk at Pine and Taylor Streets.
He died at Mission Emergency Hospital less than an
hour after the shooting.

Inspector Jack Cleary said the strange slaying
was witnessed by Jack F. Winters, 30, a magazine
writer from Columbus, Ohio, who is staying at a
hotel in the vicinity.

Winters told the inspector that Maher, who was
walking along Pine, had halted for a stop light at
Taylor. The attacker, who had been on the opposite
corner, quickly crossed the street, walked up behind
Maher, and fired.

Then he ran, his gait causing Winters to compare
him with a duck. He was dressed in dark clothes, and
appeared to be between 30 and 40 years old, Winters

Police searched Maher's neat, three-room
apartment, but found no reason why anyone would kill

The quarters were described as extremely neat and
well-furnished, and the occupant as a quiet,
immaculate man. Maher had a brother in the East, but his parents are dead.

Cleary said Maher's car was found parked in the
900 block of Pine Street. Its contents and interior
were being analyzed for possible clues, including

By Sandy (Sandy) ( - on Monday, May 05, 2003 - 05:09 pm:

Stuart Mahar was shot on Darlene's B.D.! Makes me wonder if peek through the Pines was a clue to Pine st. And could Jack Cleary be related to Alexandra Cleary, one of the possible Z victims ? Well now I know if it walks like a duck it may not be a duck. Very good Tom,this one could be the work of the Z. Any news on what cal. the gun was? 9mo.later z used a 22. I wonder if a waddle could have been a limp?