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By Tom Voigt (Admin) ( - on Saturday, August 16, 2003 - 01:41 pm:

San Francisco Chronicle
Saturday, March 26, 1966

Burlingame Girl Victim of Slasher

The savagely slashed body of a Burlingame girl who planned to marry in June was found beside a South Fresno road early yesterday.

Sharon McBride, about 20, had been stabbed 25 times, the Coroner's office said. One of the multiple knife wounds had severed an artery in her neck, an autopsy showed. Others ranged from her abdomen to her head. Her neck, chin and forehead were also bruised.

The girl, the daughter of Carole Pedersen of 1608 Coronado Way, Burlingame, had lived in Fresno about six months.

Assistant District Attorney William C. Daly said the body of the girl, an employee of a Fresno meat packing company, was fully clothed in blue capris, a black sweater, white blouse and black boots. Her purse, which contained $47 and letters indicating her approaching marriage, was found near her body.

By Sandy (Sandy) ( - on Saturday, August 16, 2003 - 05:17 pm:

Tom, About 12 yrs ago in fresno the police were looking for a man they called "The Slasher". I don't remember how many women were killed by this guy. I saw this on TV,and I taped it. They had a composite drawing of a suspect who looked to be at that time about 60yrs old.It would be interesting to see if it is connected.

By Peter H (Peter_H) ( - on Wednesday, August 20, 2003 - 08:37 am:

Hmmm. Meat packing house. Think anyone who knew her from work might have been into knives?