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San Francisco Chronicle
Wednesday, February 21, 1973

Body of Girl Tentatively Identified

The body of a young woman found last week in a
culvert at the foot of Mount Diablo was tentatively
identified as that of 19-year-old Maureen Patricia
Field of Moraga, who had been missing since November

The Contra Costa county sheriff's office said the
woman was "apparently a victim of foul play."

Tentative identification was made through x-rays.

The body was found last Thursday afternoon in a
culvert off Morgan Territory road, just east of the
little community of Clayton.

Miss Field lived with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Joseph A. Field of 268 Scofield drive, Moraga.

On December 8, her family reported receiving a
phone call from a man who said, "I'm calling about
your daughter. She is dead. I killed Her."

Employees of the K-Mart where Miss Field was
employed as a clerk said she told them a man with
black hair and mustache had been pestering her at the
store for a date.

They also said Miss Field often hitched rides
from the Pleasant Hill Store to her home.

San Francisco Chronicle
Friday, February 23, 1973

'Very Similar' Slayings of Contra Costa

An investigation has shown "many similarities"
in the murders of two teenage girls in Contra Costa
county, a sheriff's captain said yesterday.

But it appeared that the two slayings have no
relation to the murder spree in Santa Cruz county
which has claimed as many as six young female victims.

Captain Harry Derum said there were distinct
similarities in the murders of Maureen Field, 19, and
Cosette Ellison, 15, both of Moraga.

Miss Ellison disappeared March 3, 1970, after
getting off a school bus in front of her Canyon road
home. Her body was found 13 months later in the
Mount Diablo foothills south of Clayton.

The body of Miss Field, who disappeared Nov 14,
1972, was found last week in a culvert at the foot of
Mount Diablo. She was last seen outside a Pleasant
Hill discount store where she worked as a clerk.

A Contra Costa Sheriff's spokesman said last
night that investigators "don't believe there is any
connection" between the two murders and the rash of
slayings in Santa Cruz county.

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Tom, as a follow up to Maureen Fields, see the following, apparently pulled from a newspaper report.

Oakland, CA July 23, 2001

Phillip J. Hughes Jr., 53, a former janitor, has served 21 years of a possible life sentence for Lisa Beery's murder and those of two Contra Costa women.


He was convicted in 1980 of the teen-ager's death, along with the 1972 rape, stabbing and strangulation of 19-year-old Maureen Field of Pleasant Hill, and the 1975 murder of Letitia Fagot, 25, of Walnut Creek.


Hughes abducted Field in 1972 while she was hitchhiking and took her to a remote area where he killed her.

I dug into this case a little because of the phone call her dad received, which really smacked me in the eyes.

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Thanks, Scott.