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By Linda (Linda) ( - on Saturday, October 19, 2002 - 07:12 am:

Last evening, the night after the airing of ABC's Primetime and revelation of the DNA evidence, Robert Graysmith was on Larry King Live with others discussing the recent sniper shootings. Here's a portion of the transcript conversation with Larry King in which he discusses Zodiac:

KING: Robert Graysmith is here in Los Angeles, author of "Zodiac Unmasked." He claims to know who the notorious Zodiac killer really was, names him in his new book, a former political cartoonist with the "San Francisco Chronicle..."

KING: "...Robert Graysmith, quickly, what was the Zodiac murder?"

ROBERT GRAYSMITH, AUTHOR, "ZODIAC UNMASKED": Zodiac was a hooded, extremely physically powerful man with a genius IQ, who terrorized the Bay Area with ciphers threats to the police and unsolvable crimes that he predicted.

KING: He killed how many people?

GRAYSMITH: He claimed 37. Police officially say five. I've uncovered some others. It could have gone as high as 50, because he said he'd make them look like accidents.

KING: Unsolved?

GRAYSMITH: It's unsolved in the sense that the very earliest detectives in the case zeroed in on a man who was turned in by his family, who knew all the victims, who stalked some of them, who was at some of the crime scenes, who matched physically and had a lot of the (UNINTELLIGIBLE). It was the letters that we could never quite connect, because if they'd been able to match his hand printing to these letters, they would have arrested him.

KING: Who do you think this has been?

GRAYSMITH: I think it's probably him, but I think he might have had some help.

KING: Is he still living?

GRAYSMITH: He died. They found -- Zodiac always claimed he lived in a basement. They found bombs, like Zodiac said he was making. They found all kinds of weapons, my book, clippings. Everything you'd expect to find in Zodiac's place.

KING: Is this killer or killers smart?

GRAYSMITH: I think he's been damn lucky. I think they're going to grab him. Unlike Zodiac, who just went on and on and on. Andyou know, he sent -- he threatened to shoot children with the sniper's rifle. I think that's the one parallel to this case. The reaction to that was planes following, school buses, people taking time off to be guards."

I was curious as to why, although Graysmith was interviewed on the Primetime show, he was NOT subsequently interviewed AFTER the announcement that the DNA did not match Allen.

Just thought this might be of interest to all.

By Mike (Oklahoma_Mike) ( on Saturday, October 19, 2002 - 08:47 am:

Thanks, Linda. If the following quotes attributed to Graysmith are accurate:
"who knew all the victims, who stalked some of them, who was at some of the crime scenes,"

then I understand why so many people believe ALA was Zodiac. It is easy to prove when you can simply make up out of thin air anything you want to say without a shred of corrobative evidence (though perhaps he means Mageau placed ALA at ONE crime scene, not SOME).
Seriously, have I just missed all this evidence that ALA knew all teh victims, stalked some of them, was placed at the scenes?
For all those Republicans who hold up Bill Clinton as the greatest lial in American History I have bad news: Move over, Bill, RG has you beat!

By J Eric (J_Eric) ( - on Monday, October 21, 2002 - 04:48 pm:

Tom Voigt: This is, I believe, the TV interview about which I privately sent you an email. However, my memory is that it was aired earlier than October 18, as my post to you will verify. I'm not sure the cable TV show was Larry King Live. Has this same clip, then, been aired on various TV stations recently?

By Linda (Linda) ( - on Monday, October 21, 2002 - 06:52 pm:

This interview with Graysmith aired on October 18th. He was actually with Larry King in the studio. This was the evening when news was breaking that a white van was found with a shell casing. See entire transcript @