Don Cheney, 2007
For decades, Don Cheney has accused his former friend Arthur Leigh Allen of being the Zodiac killer. In early 2001, I met with Cheney and he made a very good impression. However, Cheney's claims about Allen keep evolving and his behavior seems intentionally suspicious.

In a recently released documentary about the Zodiac case, retired detective George Bawart of the Vallejo Police Dept. raised the question about whether Cheney and Allen were involved together in the Zodiac crimes; such a scenario could explain why Allen's handwriting, fingerprints and DNA were never matched to the Zodiac.

Below is a letter Cheney sent to me in early 2002 (my address has changed since then). In late 2002, I sent scans of the envelope and letter to the San Francisco Police Dept. Apparently finding the handwriting to be highly suspicious, the department immediately requested that I send them the originals. Within a month or two, the department obtained a DNA sample from Cheney. It was not a match to the Zodiac.

NOTE: Cheney's letter below is in reference to someone at a Vallejo medical clinic who died with Allen in the room. No foul play was found or even suspected. Notice how Cheney exhibited excellent spelling, but somehow misspelled the word "victim," which just happens to be a word the Zodiac misspelled.

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