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San Francisco Chronicle
Friday, June 1, 1973

Body Found in Gate Park Identified

The body of a young woman found in Golden Gate
Park Tuesday was identified yesterday as that of
Rosa Vasquez, 20, of 834 Bush street.

Miss Vasquez, a keypunch operator at Letterman
General Hospital, was idenitified by her roommate,
Frances Almazan.

Miss Almazan said she had not seen her roommate
since Saturday, when she left for the holiday weekend.

Yesterday she called police to report that her
roommate was missing and was put in touch with
homicide inpsectors David Toschi and John McKenna.

Miss Almazan made the identification at the

Toschi said pathological and toxicological tests
on Miss Vasquez' body will be completed today, at
which time it should be determined whether she was

Miss Vasquez came to San Francisco one and
one-half years ago from Alberquerque, N.M. She was
described as "a very quiet girl."

Police began interviewing her friends and
acquaintances late yesterday in an attempt to
determine her whereabouts over the weekend. Her nude
body was found near the Arguello boulevard entrance
to the park on Tuesday.