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San Francisco Chronicle
Wednesday, July 18, 1973

Puzzling 'Link' in Slayings

An investigation continued yesterday to determine
the real reason that brought murder victim Nancy P.
Gidley to San Francisco.

"We've got a tremendous mystery here," said
homicide detective John McKenna.

The naked body of Miss Gidley, a 24-year-old
X-ray technician from Idaho, was found Sunday on
the grounds of George Washington High School.

Her death brought to four the number of young
women who have been murdered in San Francisco since
May 29.

Three, including Miss Gidley, were strangled
and one was smothered. The bodies of all four were

Another puzzle investigators are trying to
unravel is the fact three of the victims -- four if
you stretch a point -- seem to have something in

Miss Gidley had told friends and an aunt and
uncle with whom she lived in Mountain Home, Idaho,
that she was coming to San Francisco for a wedding.

She told them that she was to be maid of honor
at the nuptials last Saturday for a Jennie McKenzie,
who Miss Gidley said was the sister of her own fiance,

Miss Gidley also reportedly said that she
intended to become a "free lance writer" for the
Chronicle. No one has ever heard of her at the
newspaper, a spokesman said.

And a canvas of county clerk's offices in the
Bay Area counties failed to find a marriage license
issued in recent weeks to anyone by the name of

Nor did anyone ever call the aunt and uncle in
Idaho to report Miss Gidley's failure to appear at
the wedding ceremony, said McKenna.

She was last seen alive on Thursday when she
checked into the Rodeway Inn at 895 Leary street.
Miss Gidley departed after less than an hour, leaving
her luggage behind.

Further adding to the mystery, he said, is the
fact that neither of the McKenzies -- either friend
or fiance -- have stepped forward since the news of
Miss Gidley's murder.

Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence D. Gidley, are
American government employees living in London. They
arrived here by air last night but police gave no
indication they could shed any light on the mystery.

Detective McKenna said the presumption is still
that the four murders are not related, though the
theory of a single killer has not been ruled out

The other victims:

Rosa Vasquez, 20, of 834 Bush street, whose
strangled body was found in Golden Gate Park on
May 29.

Yvonne Quilantang, 15, of 140 Delta street,
whose body -- seven months pregnant -- was found in a
vacant lot in the Bayview district on June 10. She
was also strangled.

Angela Thomas, 16, of Belton, Tex., whose body
was found at Benjamin Franklin Junior High School on
July 2. She had been smothered.

With three of the victims, there was a thread of
military connections which seemed to join them

Miss Gidley served four years in the Air Force.
She was discharged at Hamilton Air Force Base in
Marin County early last year.

Miss Vasquez was a keypunch operator at Letterman
General Hosital at the Presidio.

Miss Thomas was the daughter of an Army sergeant
who was once stationed at the Presidio. In San
Francisco for a visit, she was last seen in the area
of the Presidio, where she had gone to look up old

In the case of 15-year-old Yvonne Quilantang,
the military connection is tenuous. She had a soldier
boy friend stationed in Missouri, whom she hoped to
marry, but was pregnant by another man.

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San Francisco Chronicle
Thursday, July 19, 1973

She Wanted to Come to the City -- Now She's Dead

McKenna disclosed yesterday that Miss Gidley had
written her parents on June 8 that she was going to
San Francisco from Idaho to be maid of honor at the
wedding of Collette Mrozek, of Novato, whom she had
met at Hamilton AFB.

But Miss Mrozek told police yesterday that she
has no plans to be married, had not asked Miss Gidley
to be a member of a wedding party, and indeed, had not
corresponded with her for several months.

"It seems," Inspector McKenna said, "that she
just wanted to see San Francisco again. And she
seemed to be the type of girl who would just go out
at night walking alone to the places she like so

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Concerning that last post, I hope the Chronicle over the years has learned to evidence a little sensitivity with regards to its screamers.