Zodiac suspect Ted Kaczynski

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Ted Kaczynski
(Ted Kaczynski, early 1960s)

The convicted "Unabomber", Kaczynski shares certain characteristics with the Zodiac killer:

1) Kaczynski lived in the San Francisco Bay Area in the late 1960s.
2) Kaczynski exhibited the ability to construct bombs.
3) Kaczynski communicated with the news media after committing murderous acts.

While compelling, I believe these similarities are simply the result of an imitative Kaczynski being heavily influenced by Zodiac. Additionally, Kaczynski was cleared of any involvement in the Zodiac crimes by both the FBI and the San Francisco Police Department. (Criteria used to eliminate Kaczynski as a Zodiac suspect were fingerprint comparison, handwriting comparison and the placement of Kaczynski away from California on five Zodiac dates of activity.)

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