Title: Zodiac Killer
Release date: Available to rent and buy on DVD
Synopsis: A young man reads a book about the Zodiac killer and becomes an obsessed copycat
Written and directed by Ulli Lommel
Producer: Ulli Lommel and Max Nikoff
Executive Producer: P'Yvonne Woods
Starring: Vladimir Maksic, Ulli Lommel, David Hess and JayTon Tucker

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Lead actor Vladimir Maksic as "Michael Cosnick," a 19-year-old man who becomes a Zodiac copycat killer.

David Hess ("Last House on the Left") plays forensic psychologist "Mel Navokov."

Michael in a gas mask before killing.

Michael ready to kill.

The "Zodiac Jury," a mysterious group of 12 men who determine right and wrong.

Ulli Lommel plays "Simon Vale," author of the biography "Hunt for the Zodiac."

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