With a real-life boogeyman like the Zodiac killer still on the loose, the San Francisco area can be quite spooky...especially near Halloween.
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The former Ace Hardware in Vallejo, where Zodiac suspect Arthur Leigh Allen was employed for several years.

Closed since 1999, the building recently reopened as a giant Halloween store. How fitting!

Way in the back of the store, Ed joked he had found one of Allen's old shoes.

Virtually untouched since Ace Hardware closed in 1999 (and probably decades earlier), one can easily imagine Allen lumbering around this isolated area near the rear exit.

Behind the building, Ed rings the old service buzzer with his newly-purchased, glow-in-the-dark plastic machete. Nobody answered.

I attempt to repair a piece of the crumbling building. Unsuccessful, I took the piece home for safekeeping.

Outside the Valano Club in Vallejo, evil forces were at work and got Ed and I to attack each other! Luckily, we noticed an open pool table and went back inside before any damage was done.

In San Francisco, an eerie glow is cast over the intersection of Washington and Maple Streets, the Zodiac's original destination for murder.

While at Washington and Maple, this black cat approached me from the shadows of a mansion. The cat was quite friendly and followed me a full block to Zodiac's murder scene, the intersection of Washington and Cherry Streets.

At the exact spot where Zodiac killed Paul Stine, the cat arched its back and began to hiss at nothing in particular.

Remember the Zodiac shack, just off Lake Herman Road in Vallejo? It was a rumored hideout for the Zodiac. For years I've received e-mail about another such shack, this one in nearby Vacaville. Behold: The Vacashack!

Unlike the Zodiac shack, the Vacashack was sealed like a drum. The only entrance we could find in the dwindling light meant a dangerous climb. No thanks! I'm sure we'll be back, though.


Angie and Ed get prepared for a late night hike to Devil's Kichen in rural Sonoma County. It was around this time that Ed reminded us of the "Warning: Armed patrols" signs he had seen throughout the area.

Angie leads the way through the thick brush. Devil's Kitchen overlooks the scene of where multiple bodies were found in the early 1970s.

Several minutes into the hike, Ed actually got a call on his cell from Wichita, Kan. Now that's great range!

It's unknown who was responsible for the murders near Devil's Kitchen in the early 1970s. Zodiac? Ted Bundy? BTK? Whoever it was, we half expected to run into them.

A surprised Ed is alerted to my presence only by the flash of my camera. It was pitch black and the ground slippery and steep.

Angie stands at the edge of a huge cliff. If not for our lanterns, she might have found herself at the bottom...

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