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Jan. 1, 2021) Here's the latest: has gone mobile! Future news updates will be located here.

Oct. 31, 2020) Here is my explanation for the additions in the Halloween card that were made by the Zodiac killer -- all things point to Melvin:

Oct. 27, 2020) It's been 50 years since Paul Avery received his Halloween card from the Zodiac killer. Enjoy a spooky look at vintage "Secret Pal" cards with some help from Sinatra. Check back soon for a Halloween 2020 update:

Sept. 2, 2020) The Zodiac case hasn't been closed, but that doesn't mean the Zodiac case hasn't been solved.

> All of Lake Berryessa (Napa County, Cal.) is closed following a devastating wildfire that has destroyed the location of the 2003 anniversary gathering of amateur Zodiac investigators:

> In late October 1969, a newspaper in San Francisco published a message to the Zodiac killer. Read the fascinating reply here.

> For the Zodiac case, reddit seems to be an alternate universe with its own set of truths. It's time to stop the misinformation once and for all, at least as it pertains to the Zodiac case. Here is the first look at an ongoing series I call Fixing Reddit.

> Here's an extremely rare December 1972 issue of True Police Cases, featuring the Zodiac killer. Click the image below to download the entire 12-page story in .PDF format:

> Why hasn't DNA identified the Zodiac killer yet, as it did the Golden State Killer, Joseph DeAngelo? Just have a bit more patience. The work is carrying on behind the scenes, but with far fewer resources than the GSK investigation had. Check the DNA link below for the latest. I've been fortunate to develop some pretty good sources within the investigation and make no mistake:

If the Zodiac killer is still alive, he should be very nervous.

July 21, 2020) In November 1970, it was determined that the Zodiac killer had murdered a Riverside, Cal. college student named Cheri Jo Bates. All these years later, I believe I've located the spot where the Zodiac was planning to commit another Riverside murder -- and I found it with help from the Zodiac himself. Check out Zodiac's Dark Alley.

July 5, 2020) On this 51st anniversary of the Zodiac killer's just-after-midnight attack at Blue Rock Springs Park in Vallejo, Cal., victim Darlene Ferrin's younger sister, Pam Huckaby, is reportedly in the hospital with COVID-19. Please keep Pam in your prayers.

> I've updated Zodiac suspect Lawrence Kane's page to include both a large sample of his handwriting, as well as a recording of him speaking. Interesting to say the least.

March 26, 2020) Bored? BINGE! I've added a page featuring more than eight hours of Zodiac programming, all in one place. The various movies and documentaries span from 1971 all the way to 2009.

-----> CLICK HERE TO BINGE <-----

> I recently got my hands on an extremely rare June 1971 issue of Inside Detective, featuring the Zodiac killer. Click the image below to download the entire seven-page story in .PDF format:

Jan. 29, 2020) Exactly 46 years ago, the Zodiac killer mailed a letter to the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper. The letter included Zodiac's opinion of a popular film, The Exorcist. Could the Zodiac killer have been caught on tape? Watch the video below to see for yourself:

Jan. 16, 2020) The first Zodiac update of 2020 is here and it's amazing. There is now a new candidate for the Zodiac killer's first ever victim, and his name is Ray Davis. Click here for all of the compelling details. Much thanks to Kristi Hawthorne.

Dec. 24, 2019) I've updated The Arthur Leigh Allen File (for the third time this month) to now include a letter Allen wrote to a friend and discussing the Zodiac. Click here for the letter and other new additions.

> Over the last 20-plus years of case research I have found many potential sources of inspiration for the Zodiac killer. Here is a look at three such possibilities.

> Here is the latest update on DNA testing from the Vallejo Police Department.

Dec. 20, 2019) At long last, the page dedicated to Zodiac suspect Rick Marshall has been given a much-needed update. Click here to see the latest on one of the most compelling suspects of all time.

> Criminalist Paul Holes is best known for his work on the Golden State Killer case, but did you know he also had involvement with the Zodiac? Click below for a full-length 2009 documentary about the Zodiac killer, featuring Holes, as well as the FBI's top code man, Dan Olson:

Dec. 12, 2019) Back in 2002, the methods used by a television show to "eliminate" Arthur Leigh Allen as being the Zodiac via DNA testing, were completely dubious. As a Zodiac suspect, Allen is right back in the mix. For all the details, plus new content, check out The Arthur Leigh Allen File.

Dec. 10, 2019) I've generously been given permission to share the best Zodiac documentary of all time, "This is the Zodiac Speaking." The full-length masterpiece was originally released back in 2008 on the two-disc director's cut of David Fincher's classic "Zodiac." Click the image below to enjoy!

Dec. 5, 2019) Those of you who have written off Richard Gaikowski as a valid Zodiac suspect might want to rethink your position. Here's a link for the reason why.

> In anticipation of 2020 being an explosive year for the Zodiac case, I am finally getting mobile-friendly. While doing so, I am also adding a great deal of fresh content. Click around to see what's new at The Arthur Leigh Allen File, Zodiac Letters And Ciphers, and Zodiac Suspect Rick Marshall...with a lot more to be added regularly. Check back soon!

Oct. 5, 2019) We are days away from the 50th anniversary of the Zodiac's murder of Paul Stine in San Francisco, Cal. Click below for a special podcast that goes back to 1966 and gives you the real story of the Zodiac killer's origin and crimes up to Mr. Stine:

> Here is a pic from the crime scene at Lake Berryessa, on the exact 50th anniversary of the Zodiac's attack there (Sept. 27, 1969). Hard to believe something so awful happened at such a beautiful location. Click the image for a larger version:

June 19, 2019) I believe I have found proof the Zodiac killer was indeed responsible for the murder of Riverside coed Cheri Jo Bates, who has long been thought to be a potential Zodiac victim. Check out the "ZODIAC DEATH MACHINE" podcast below for all the details --

Jan. 1, 2019) 2019 just might turn out to be the year of Zodiac podcasts! Not only did I launch a podcast called Murder Basement, I was also happy to contribute to another podcast that I'm sure you'll enjoy, called Monster: The Zodiac Killer -- click the image below for all of the listening details:

Oct. 3, 2018) Welcome, viewers of "Mysteries at the Museum" on Travel Channel! It was my pleasure to take part in the show and have beers with host Don Wildman. As the show mentioned, everyone is anxious for the DNA results, which could occur at any time. Here's a way you can get the news as it happens. Meanwhile, you can discuss the show, as well as live chat.

July 4, 2018) In one of his taunting letters back in 1969, the Zodiac claimed to have killed Darlene Ferrin and wounded Mike Mageau "On the 4th of July" in Vallejo, Cal. That was 49 years ago. Today, thanks to recent, amazing breakthroughs in DNA technology responsible for solving cold cases right and left, I am optimistic the Zodiac case will be solved before the 50th anniversary next year.

> Here is a rare pic of Terry's, the Vallejo restaurant where Darlene was working at the time of her murder. Click the image for a much larger version:

May 8, 2018) Welcome, readers of VICE.

> With the arrest of the alleged Golden State Killer, the Zodiac stands alone as California's most infamous unsolved case. When will state authorities put forth the same joint effort to capture him? This site isn't willing to wait. This month I will be heading back to the San Francisco Bay Area to search for more Zodiac clues. For a look at what happened on my last trip (epic stuff), see the Zodiac evidence room.

> The Zodiac case is all over the news. Join the discussion!


> Here are two recent feature Zodiac stories regarding the very troubling DNA situation:
SFWeekly | RealClearLife

> Thanks to Eddie Cruz, here's an extremely rare 1977 mugshot of Zodiac suspect Arthur Leigh Allen:

Jan. 10, 2018) San Francisco Police Dept. Inspector Dave Toschi has died at the age of 86. Toschi and his partner, Inspector William Armstrong, were the initial detectives to work the Zodiac's murder of Paul Stine back in October 1969. I met Dave in San Francisco near Christmas of 1998 and he was one of the original sources of information for Here is the picture he signed for me during our meeting:

Discussion can be found here.

Dec. 20, 2017) Today is the 49th anniversary of the Zodiac killer's first confirmed attack.

> is now the official Zodiac website of YAHOO!:

Nov. 14, 2017) Tonight is the debut of "The Hunt for the Zodiac Killer" on History, The History Channel. There will be a total of five weekly episodes. While the show didn't get access to the the Vallejo (Calif.) Police Dept. -- Vallejo is ground zero for hunting the Zodiac -- perhaps something of substance will still be uncovered. Meanwhile, I was able to get into the Vallejo evidence area, and you can see the results at this link.

Discussion of the show can be found here. There's also a dedicated Zodiac chat room you can check out.

Oct. 13, 2017) There's an all-new discussion forum and it contains the latest details of all things Zodiac, including an upcoming five-part TV mini-series called "The Hunt for the Zodiac Killer" airing soon on The History Channel, exclusive pics and video from behind the scenes in the police evidence area, new and revealing details about the suspect known as "Sam," and lots more. Here's the link:

Aug. 11, 2017) DNA testing of Zodiac evidence is happening using the most modern techniques. There is also the possibility of confirmed, never-seen Zodiac letters, as well as additional victims. Stay tuned for developments as they happen. UPDATE: I intend to visit the San Francisco Bay Area soon for the latest info.

May 17, 2016) I recently obtained an extremely rare photo showing the isolated area of Zodiac's 1968 double murder of David Faraday and Betty Lou Jensen. The photo was taken just six months prior to the attack. Click the image below for a much larger view:

Lake Herman Road 1968

May 1, 2016) As evidenced by the video below, rumors of politician Ted Cruz being the Zodiac killer have made it all the way to the White House. (Google "ted cruz zodiac killer" and prepare to be astonished at the level of media coverage the rumor has received.) As webmaster of, I can't begin to estimate the amount of e-mail I have been bombarded with on the subject over the past several weeks.

For the record, my position on the matter is that Ted Cruz is definitely possibly not the Zodiac killer. I hope that settles it.

April 23, 2015) Do we finally know why Zodiac wore his infamous costume while attempting double murder at Lake Berryessa more than 45-years ago? Below left is an image I recently found of an Australian police officer sporting the latest in riot gear. The image went worldwide via the Associated Press and was published in California newspapers approximately one month prior to the Zodiac's attack at Lake Berryessa, in which he wore the costume as seen in an artist's rendering below right. Commit murder while disguised as a cop...the ultimate taunt at authorities. Click the image for a larger view:

Zodiac's Lake Berryessa Motivation?

Oct. 31, 2014) The recent Zodiac 45th anniversary event in San Francisco, Cal. was a huge success. For details and lots of pics, see the message board.

45th Anniversary

May 14, 2014) A new book has been released today that claims to reveal the identity of the Zodiac killer. Titled "The Most Dangerous Animal Of All," discussion and ordering info can be found at the message board.

March 20, 2014) On this 16th anniversary of, I am happy to announce a special event that will take place in San Francisco, Cal. on Oct. 11, 2014: The 45th anniversary of the Zodiac's only confirmed San Francisco murder. While still in the planning stages, you can learn more and follow along as everything develops.

> We are two days away from the anniversary of the Kathleen Johns incident that occured back in 1970, of which the Zodiac took responsibility. Click below for a high-resolution picture of Kathleen that was just recently shared with by her family:

Kathleen Johns

Feb. 26, 2014) The new year has brought yet another person taking to the news media with the claim of knowing the identity of the Zodiac killer. Sound familiar? For the entire story, including pictures, video and plenty of discussion, visit the message board.

March 20, 2013) Today is the 15th anniversary of and I have added a special update to mark the occasion.

> To the many who have asked, as far as I know a DNA comparison between Zodiac and suspect Richard Gaikowski has never been made.

Dec. 20, 2011) On this 43rd anniversary of the Zodiac's attack on Lake Herman Road near Vallejo, Calif., I've added a comprehensive collection of vintage newspaper articles detailing the double murder. Click here to read and discuss.

David Faraday Betty Lou Jensen

Sept. 1, 2011) As we enter the anniversary month of the Zodiac's 1969 attack at Lake Berryessa, I have received news of an exciting development:

"Mr. Voigt,

My partner, Detective Shulman, said he would let you know once we got to the Cecelia Shepard case. We have reviewed the case completely and sent all of the evidence we have to the California DNA laboratory in Richmond. We do not expect to have any results back for some time. Routinely, the turnaround time for cases like this is measured in months if not years.


Thank you for the access to your site. It has proven valuable for vetting out some of the theories we have received. We hope you will continue to allow us to view your research.

Thank you again for your assistance!

Detective Patrick McMahon

Napa County Sheriff's Department

Cold Case Unit"


Discussion of this development can be found at the message board.

July 5, 2011) It's my pleasure to yet again share an exclusive and never-before-seen Zodiac case document. This time, it's a 1971 Zodiac PERT chart, as prepared by the California Department of Justice. Until now, the chart was only available to police. One of the more interesting tidbits contained in the chart is the revelation that Zodiac rode in the front seat of victim Paul Stine's cab, as discussed here. (For decades it was believed he sat in the back.) For discussion of the PERT chart, click here.

(PDF | 1.1 MB) For best results, zoom to 150% or more.
Click to view Zodiac PERT chart

Feb. 19, 2011) Tonight's episode of America's Most Wanted featured a photo of Zodiac victim Darlene Ferrin that was first seen here at last November. Pictured with Ferrin is a man of unknown identity. Click the image below for a huge version, and if you recognize the man, please contact me:

Darlene Ferrin and the unknown man

> A full-length documentary about the unsolved 1963 murders of possible Zodiac victims Robert Domingos and Linda Edwards is now available to watch online for free. The film, which is the work of John B. Averitt Ph.D., a former classmate of the victims, can be found at this link.

Jan. 31, 2011) At the end of January 1974, almost exactly 37 years ago, the Zodiac mailed a letter in which he seemed to claim 37 victims. It was the first Zodiac letter in nearly three years and its arrival sparked a renewed attempt by San Francisco police to catch him. To mark the occasion, I have updated the Zodiac Magazine Rack with a story about the investigation from the April 1974 issue of San Francisco Magazine.

> Click the image below for an amazing late-1960s aerial view of the neighborhood in San Francisco where the Zodiac killed cab driver Paul Stine:

Presidio Heights

Dec. 1, 2010) Retired Zodiac detective Ken Narlow has passed away after a strong battle against cancer. Narlow, who was a great friend to this website, worked for the Napa County Sheriff's Dept. for several decades and was the original detective assigned to investigate the Zodiac's attack at Lake Berryessa. He died in Napa on the afternoon of Monday, Nov. 29, 2010.

A recent e-mail from Ken: "This cancer is going to get me it's just a matter of time. I rarely get out of the house anymore and when I do Marie takes me where I want to go. I still get a few leads, that I pass on to the boys in blue."

Ken Narlow is pictured below with his son, circa 1960:

Ken Narlow and son

Oct. 6, 2010) In the Sept. 19, 2010 update, showed how the Zodiac mimmicked Count Marco's odd writing style. Just a month later, it appears we have solved yet another mystery. Click the image below for the latest:

The Red Phantom Solved

Oct. 1, 2010) The 2008 task-force meeting, which was held on Dec. 20, 2008 at the Roxie theater in San Francisco, is now available to watch online for free. Hosted by author David Van Nuys, the 100-minute video features several guest speakers, including Nancy Slover (she spoke to the Zodiac back in 1969).

Here is the link:

Sept. 19, 2010) Ever since Zodiac wrote a letter referencing San Francisco newspaper columnist Count Marco back in July 1974, speculation has remained over why Zodiac adopted such an unusual handwriting style for that particular letter. See below for my recent discovery (Click for a larger version):

Zodiac copies Count Marco

I believe Zodiac was very familiar with the nuances of Marco's handwriting. If so, that potentially narrows the suspect pool immensely.

July 29, 2010) It has been nearly 41 years since the Zodiac murdered cab driver Paul Stine in San Francisco. Since then, most of us only know Stine through one published picture. Exclusive to, I am thrilled to bring you a look at Paul Stine the public has never seen: MEET PAUL STINE.

Also see: Click the image below for the 13-page scrapbook that was kept by Paul's mother, Audra:
(PDF | 99.2 MB)

Audra Stine's scrapbook

Jan. 1, 2010) As we enter 2010, I believe the time is perfect to revisit places the Zodiac haunted more than four decades ago. Click here for a Zodiac flashback.

Dec. 20, 2009) 40 years ago today, the Zodiac killer mailed a letter to famed attorney Melvin Belli. For the bizarre events that preceded the mailing, including exclusive photos, click here.

Nov. 9, 2009) Today I received this e-mail from the FBI's cryptography expert, Dan Olson, concerning the Zodiac's unsolved 340 cipher:

"We havent seen any recent solutions or ideas that have generated a second look as of yet. If you can point us in the right direction we'll be all over it. FYI, if we ever do see a good partial or full solution we will forward it with our endorsement to the cold case squad at SFPD, but we will give credit to where credit is due.

Zodiac's unsolved 340 cipher I dont have a graphic to share but here are more details you can post instead: Statistics for repeated characters for each line of text show a distinct higher randomness with the lines we've discussed (1-3 and 11-13). The higher randomness may be due in part or whole to greater care by the writer to not repeat characters on these lines. This indicates homophonic substitution. The opposite is true for lines 4, 10, 14, 17 and 18, these lines have many repeats. Additionally, there is far greater randomness for rows versus columns. This rules out any form of columnar or diagnal transpositions (a big step forward).

These same statistical tests were done on Z408. The results suggest that 340 is similar to 408 except for the bogus rows: overall randomness of 408 is .48, 340 is .50. Row randomness of 408 is .22, 340 is .19. Column randomness of 408 is .48, 340 is .68. By way of comparison, row and column randomness should be near identical if the 340 does not contain any message, or if there is a message that is evenly scrambled.

Thanks again for your help Tom."


If you have a solution to the 340 cipher you'd like to share, I can pass it along to the FBI. Contact me. Discussion can be found here.

Sept. 22, 2009) Here's the YouTube trailer for a TV project involving


Aug. 10, 2009) Before you check out the free, exclusive, two-hour Zodiac video below, keep in mind that even though I do my best, often I don't have time to formally update each time I receive interesting and valuable Zodiac information. Sometimes it can take me weeks or months to get the news to you, or it can just slip through the cracks and never get published. There is now a way for you to get all the good stuff delivered to your e-mail box immediately. Click here to find out how.

> Exactly five years ago, I filmed my own video of the various Zodiac crime scenes and other relevant locations. Click below for the free, exclusive, two-hour ULTIMATE Zodiac video on YouTube:

Click here for a free, two-hour Zodiac video!

July 15, 2009) The recent task-force meeting was a blast, and extremely informative to boot. Thanks to all who participated.

> I've written a feature article about the events of the last year or so in the Zodiac world. Click here for "The 13th Sign".

May 14, 2009) About two weeks ago a woman came forward claiming to be the Zodiac killer's daughter. She was the same woman who recently claimed to be the illegitimate daughter of President John F. Kennedy. Obviously her story is nonsense, as none of the witnesses to the Zodiac's crimes ever described him as traveling in a motorcade.

In any event, discussion of these recent events -- along with thousands of other Zodiac-related topics -- can be found at the message board.

> The next task-force meeting is less than two months away. See the Jan. 5, 2009 update below for details.

Jan. 29, 2009) It was exactly 35 years ago that the Zodiac mailed one of his last letters. Today I updated the Zodiac Letters page to include two new additions. (Thanks to Howard Davis.)

Jan. 5, 2009) The task-force meeting at the Roxie Theater in San Francisco might be history, but please enjoy the video at the bottom of this update of the subsequent Zodiac bus tour that 50 of us enjoyed.

> The next task-force meeting will be held this July 5th (Sunday) at Blue Rock Springs Park in Vallejo, Calif. That date is the 40th anniversary of the Zodiac's attack of Darlene Ferrin and Mike Mageau. Fittingly, the section of the park reserved for the event is called "The Pines" and was the site of the very first task-force meeting back in 2002, as pictured at left. "The Pines" features 22 picnic tables, two BBQs, plus nearby restrooms, water, and shade. (We will most probably tent a portion in case of heat/rain.) Best of all, it's free. Beer and wine are permitted. Kids are welcome. After the recent hectic task-force meeting, we are looking forward to a mellow affair. Mingling! Discussion! Make your plans to be there. I can't wait! (Starting a new diet tomorrow.) I'd like to thank the Dahlia for her help.

> I've put together a page of vintage Zodiac television programs that you can either view online, or save to your computer. Here's a link. Enjoy!

Oct. 18, 2008) Welcome, viewers of TruTV's Haunting Evidence: Zodiac Killer! If you watched the show and are curious about the man behined "the voice," or if you just want to read about the most compelling Zodiac suspect to ever come along, click here.

> For in-depth discussion of all things Zodiac, including exclusive information not available anywhere else, don't miss the message board.

Sept. 27, 2008) Today is the 39th anniversary of the Zodiac's attack at Lake Berryessa in Napa County, Cal. I've updated the page of his victims at the lake, Cecelia Shepard and Bryan Hartnell, with eight new images.

Sept. 6, 2008) After more than 30 years of scrutiny, Rick Marshall has finally been dismissed as a Zodiac suspect...and played a huge part.

Here's how it went down:

It all started a couple of months ago when I received a phone tip (415 267-4818) from a woman who worked at a care facility in the Sacramento (Cal.) area. She told me that Marshall was a patient where she worked, and that he had spoken about the Zodiac case. She found him to be extremely suspicious and was not sure what to do. Thinking Marshall might finally be ready to talk due to his advanced age and deteriorating health, I contacted my sources at the Napa County Sheriff's Dept., the agency that originally investigated Marshall back in the 1970s. Two detectives made the trek to Sacramento and spent a significant amount of time interviewing Marshall. I have yet to find if DNA testing was involved, but whatever data was gleaned was enough for investigators to finally dismiss Marshall as a viable Zodiac suspect after more than three decades.

I'm hopeful to have an official statement in the next few days. A big thanks to those of you who have supported this website and helped make this possible!

> Is missing nurse Donna Lass a Zodiac victim? Many think so. Today is the 38th anniversary of her disappearance and here is a big update.

Aug. 15, 2008) On Monday I will be departing for the San Francisco Bay Area for seven days of Zodiac research. My focus will be on obtaining information about Zodiac suspect Richard Gaikowski. The results of my search, including relevant pictures, documents, handwriting samples, etc., will be posted as quickly as possible and available exclusively to registered users at the message board.

April 16, 2008) While research continues into Zodiac suspect Richard Gaikowski (see the March 26, 2008 update below), a new photo has recently surfaced of one of the original top suspects, Rick Marshall. Exclusive to, click here to see how Marshall looked in the 1970s.

> Howard "Buzz" Gordon, who dated Zodiac victim Darlene Ferrin in the months before her murder, recently passed away from natural causes. At the time Gordon dated Ferrin, he worked for the Solano County Sheriff's Dept. and was eventually a suspect in her murder. Here's a link to notes from a 1991 interview with Gordon.

Jan. 25, 2008) To most Zodiac buffs (as well as newcomers to the Zodiac case who have seen the recent David Fincher film Zodiac), Don Cheney is no stranger. Arthur Leigh Allen and Don Cheney Cheney is, afterall, the man who went to the police back in 1971 because he thought his former friend Arthur Leigh Allen was the Zodiac.

In the recently released director's cut of Zodiac, one of the special features on the two-disc DVD is a documentary about Allen. Cheney was interviewed on camera and made several statements about Allen that made Cheney appear suspicious, even to a retired detective also featured in the documentary. Was Cheney lying all along about Allen? Or, could Cheney have actually helped Allen commit the Zodiac crimes?

Click here for a look at a suspicious letter Cheney sent me several years ago. To order the two-disc director's cut of Zodiac featuring the Allen documentary, click the image directly below this update.

Dec. 12, 2007) My library of Zodiac-related video has grown quite large over the years, and some is extremely rare. One such rarity is a campy (but very good) production from around 1979 called Zodiac: Sign Of Death. At just under 10 minutes in length, Zodiac: Sign Of Death is packed with excellent footage and a funky 70s soundtrack. My favorite part is the voice of Zodiac; it's the same actor who was the voice of the computer "HAL" in the classic film 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Click the numbered links below to listen to select MP3 clips of Zodiac: Sign Of Death.

Click links below to listen!
Click these links to listen to Zodiac: Sign Of Death 1 (146KB) | 2 (200KB) | 3 (99KB) | 4 (127KB) |
5 (181KB) | 6 (83KB) | 7 (83KB) | 8 (58KB) | 9 (133KB)

Dec. 1, 2007) A newspaper based in the United Kingdom recently published a story claiming mega-celeb Britney Spears is a regular user of this website. Could it be true? I'll never tell. (I make it a habit not to reveal the identities of site users who prefer to remain anonymous.) Click here to read the story.

Nov. 7, 2007) While I prefer to make all Zodiac-related information free for users to access, sometimes financial issues make it necessary for me to offer certain information for sale only. However, I believe the Zodiac case benefits greatly when people are more informed. That's more rewarding to me than the occasional Internet sale. Therefore, the Zodiac FBI Files, Historical Newspaper Archive and High-Resolution Zodiac Letters -- three items that were previously available for purchase only -- are now free to download. Click the links below:

FBI Files | Newspaper Archive | Letters

Nov. 4, 2007) In a little more than a year it will be the 40th anniversary of Zodiac's first-known attack. Since then, much has changed in the locations where Zodiac was active. Click the images below for a high-resolution view of life (circa 1960s) in Vallejo, Lake Berryessa and San Francisco, Cal.

(Images may be saved for free.)

Oct. 11, 2007) Today is the 38th anniversary of Zodiac's murder of Yellow Cab driver Paul Stine in San Francisco, Cal. While recent details of Stine's life have recently emerged and are being researched for possible clues (see the Sept. 12, 2007 update below), vintage photos from the files of the San Francisco Police Dept. are available to view. Taken within hours of Stine's murder, here are: the cab | the crime scene 1 | the crime scene 2

Sept. 26, 2007) It took hours of work, but 30 high-resolution images are finally available to view of top Zodiac suspect Arthur Leigh Allen's 1966-1968 personnel file. Several years ago I obtained the file from the Calaveras County (Calif.) Unified School District where Allen had worked as an elementary teacher. Within the file are many handwriting samples, including his two-page job application. If Allen was the Zodiac, the file might contain important clues.


Sept. 12, 2007) Recently I learned that Zodiac victim Paul Stine was allegedly hired as a reporter by the San Francisco Chronicle shortly before his murder.
Paul Stine hired at the Chronicle?
If that information is true, Stine -- who worked as a reporter for his high school newspaper and was an English major at San Francisco State -- was just days away from beginning his new job at the very newspaper Zodiac chose to write a vast majority of his letters.

The potential implications are staggering. However, it's extremely important that I verify this information as best I can.

If Stine was indeed telling others that he was a reporter for the San Francisco newspaper (even if he was simply exaggerating), it stands to reason that Zodiac may actually have known him and perhaps even targeted him for that specific reason.

If you knew Paul Stine or anyone in his family, circle of friends, classmates, fellow employees, etc, please click here to contact me. You may remain anonymous.

July 21, 2007) In just a few days, David Fincher's Zodiac will be available to rent and buy on DVD. While not exactly a factual portrayal of the Zodiac case, the film is packed with excellent performances. One of the best was turned in by Robert Downey Jr. in his portrayal of real-life reporter Paul Avery. (Avery was highly instrumental in the evolution of In Zodiac, Downey Jr.'s character displays mostly annoyance toward the case. However, the real Paul Avery was very much involved in the Zodiac investigation. Here's a case report Avery prepared for the police back in 1971.

April 2, 2007) In the last few weeks, an incredible amount of tantalizing information has been collected about the person of interest ("Sam") this website developed in connection to the recently-discovered Eureka card. Several weeks ago I e-mailed a certain police department and asked if it would be interested in seeing the information compiled about "Sam." I have yet to receive a response. Quite unfortunate. In my opinion, "Sam" has surpassed Arthur Leigh Allen in terms of interesting Zodiac-related coincidences/circumstances.

It's now plainly obvious to me that before I again attempt to approach a law-enforcement agency about "Sam," I will need to have all of the bases covered so that "Sam" can't simply be ignored. Most likely a trip back to California will be necessary in order to accomplish all of the needed intimate background research and collecting of handwriting samples, as well as for me to approach "Sam" in person (along with a retired homicide detective).

> As expected, March 2007 was the busiest month in the history of, as the March 2 release of David Fincher's film Zodiac helped boost my hits to a total of almost 30 million. Therefore, I almost feel guilty that Zodiac was such a total bomb at the box office. Of course, had the film spent more time on the Zodiac's victims, as well as the other aspects of the case that people actually find interesting, I have a feeling things would have turned out much differently for the film.

March 13, 2007) This morning at 9 o'clock (Pacific Time) I'll be a guest on Eureka (Cal.) Radio Station KSLG-FM to discuss the possible 1990 Zodiac correspondence (see the Feb. 25, 2007 update below). UPDATE: Click here for an MP3 file of the show (approx. 30 min. | 28 MB).

For much more on the Eureka card, including high-resolution scans, visit the all-new message board.

> The 2007 Task-Force Meeting was a huge success, as everyone who attended seemed to have a great time. David Van Nuys did an excellent job of hosting the event. Guest speakers Howard Davis, Nancy Slover and Bill Baker were terriffic. And of course, John Mikulenka's Hunting The Zodiac documentary definitely lived up to the high expectations.

> Thanks primarily to the heavy marketing campaign for the David Fincher movie Zodiac, so far this month has already received more than 16 million hits! If you'd like to inquire about advertising opportunities, please contact me.

Feb. 25, 2007) In the last week, the San Francisco Chronicle discovered an envelope in its library of Zodiac materials. Inside the envelope was a greeting card. Apparently its importance had never been recognized, or it was thought to be a hoax.

A few days ago I was shown images of the envelope and card to help determine authenticity. I believe it is authentic. (I promised I wouldn't publish any images until they appear in the Chronicle.)

The Chronicle is busy preparing a huge story about this amazing and important development.

The date of the postmark left me in a state of shock.

> There's an all-new message board. Click here to check it out.

> I'm departing for San Francisco this evening and won't be back for more than a week. During that time, I'll be extremely busy preparing for the upcoming Task-Force Meeting (see the Feb. 14, 2007 update below for details) and I may not have the opportunity to update this site with new information. Therefore I suggest keeping an eye on the new message board, as the board moderators will post when I'm not able to. (I'll still be checking my e-mail several times a day.)

Feb. 14, 2007) A huge update this time, so make sure you scroll down for everything.

First and foremost, I'm deeply saddened to report the passing of retired San Francisco Police Dept. Inspector Michael Maloney, who died of a sudden heart problem this past weekend. Remembering Michael MaloneyMaloney was a great guy and a big friend of this website. Just last week he e-mailed me and was very excited about attending the upcoming 2007 Task-Force Meeting (see below).

In the few years preceding his 2004 retirement, Maloney had a big involvement in the Zodiac investigation (along with his partner, Inspector Kelly Carroll). Together they gave renewed attention to the Zodiac case and were involved in the important accomplishment of securing the Zodiac's DNA profile, which may one day prove the key to solving the case. In late 2005, Maloney contributed this special report to

Meehall, I appreciate your contributions and will miss you. The next pint is on me. (Click above image to enlarge)

> The 2007 Task-Force Meeting is scheduled for Saturday, March 3 at the 4 Star theater in San Francisco. The meeting is open to the public and will run from noon until 3 p.m., featuring the debut of John Mikulenka's documentary film, Hunting The Zodiac.
Special guests at the meeting will include Nancy Slover (the police switchboard operator who spoke to the Zodiac back in 1969), as well as David Van Nuys, the emeritus professor of psychology at Sonoma State University and co-author of This is the Zodiac Speaking.

> I'm happy to announce that my predictions of another delay were wrong. David Fincher's Zodiac will definitely be in theaters on Friday, March 2. And early reviews have been excellent. I'll be there for opening night.

> A new feature has been added to! It's called SHOUTcast and it's my audio blog of all things Zodiac. So far I've only done one, but more are on the way. Hope you enjoy it.

> I haven't yet seen any ads for it, but apparently FOX's America's Most Wanted will be devoting an hour to the Zodiac case on Saturday, Feb. 24, beginning at 9 p.m. (ET/PT).

Dec. 20, 2006) Now that the trailer to the upcoming Zodiac movie is finally in theaters, I've decided to publish some new documents relating to Arthur Leigh Allen, the movie's main Zodiac suspect. Guilty or not, Allen was a fascinating guy:

-- Allen's Last Will And Testament | More of Allen's Favorite Recipes --

Reading his recipes, it's interesting to note the intentional misspellings Allen frequently used, similar to what the Zodiac did. Of particular interest to me was Allen's habit of frequently spelling "water" as watter (see the Dec. 1, 2006 update below for significance).

> Today is the 38th anniversary of the Zodiac's double murder at Lake Herman Road in Vallejo, Cal. For those of you who missed it, click here for my special 2003 update.

Oct. 31, 2006) Today is the 40th anniversary of the murder of Cheri Jo Bates.
-----> Click here for a huge update

Oct. 11, 2006) Add the "Zodiac Shack" to the list of Zodiac-related places to change drastically in recent times. As seen in this overhead picture, the shack has been destroyed by fire. Even the barn is gone.

Sept. 27, 2006) On this date in 1969, the Zodiac murdered Cecelia Shepard and wounded Bryan Hartnell at Lake Berryessa in Napa County, Calif. For almost 38 years, the crime scene changed little. However, the last remaining tree recently toppled. Additionally, all picnic tables and barbecue grills have been removed. The scene is now barren.

> The Lake Berryessa crime scene wasn't the only major Zodiac-related site to recently face drastic changes. The Vallejo (Calif.) Ace Hardware store, long-time workplace of Zodiac suspect Arthur Leigh Allen, was torn down just a few days ago.

July 4, 2006) On this 37th anniversary of Zodiac's murder of Darlene Ferrin in Vallejo, Calif., here's an audio message from Darlene's sister, Pam Huckaby.

June 12, 2006) After years of searching, I've finally found and interviewed Nancy Slover, the former Vallejo Police Dept. switchboard operator who spoke with the Zodiac early in the morning of July 5, 1969. Believe it or not, our 90-minute conversation was the first time Nancy had been interviewed about the Zodiac case in more than 36 years. It was quite an interesting discussion, to say the least. I'm thrilled she is now willing to go on record for the first time about her roll in the Zodiac mystery.

Much more info is on the way and will be posted asap. For now, here are a few of the more interesting details Nancy provided:
*The call was absolutely not recorded by police
*Zodiac's taunting "Goodbye" at the end of the call was very bizarre and over-the-top
*The operator who patched the call through to the police station was on the line with Nancy for at least the first few seconds of the call. However, the phone company refused to cooperate with the police and identify the operator
*At the time of the shooting, Nancy was living on the same street as the male victim

Here's a message from Nancy to all the visitors of (100K/MP3)

Questions and media inquiries for Nancy can be submitted to

> Last week's Zodiac chat with author Mike Kelleher went great, as Mike spent a little more than two hours answering questions from the 60 or so total participants. Hopefully we can schedule another chat in the near future.

June 1, 2006) Mike Kelleher, author of This Is The Zodiac Speaking, will be a special guest in the chat room on Wednesday, June 7 @ 7 p.m. (Pacific Time). For those of you who can't make it into the room, feel free to send me your questions/comments for Mike and I'll do my best to pass them along.

April 13, 2006) I'm sad to announce that Wilma Shepard, mother of Zodiac victim Cecelia Shepard, died on March 11, 2006, in Redding, Calif. She was 82. (Read the obituary.)

In 1999, I had the good fortune to speak with Wilma at length. She provided me with many vintage newspaper stories about Cecelia's murder, as well as other helpful research materials.

Wilma outlived her daughter by more than 35 years and never learned the identity of her killer. I know she wouldn't want us to stop searching now.

-- Wilma and Cecelia | A letter from Wilma --

April 4, 2006) After some technical difficulties, the Info Line is back in action. If you have any Zodiac-related information to share, call (415) 267-4818. Meanwhile, here are a few of the more interesting/entertaining calls I've received over the last year or so, all in MP3 format:

Call 1 (157 KB) | Call 2 (69 KB) | Call 3 (173 KB) | Call 4 (106 KB) | Call 5 (102 KB)

March 17, 2006) Today marks the first time in 35 years that a film about the Zodiac case is in theaters. (See the Feb. 17, 2006 update below for info about where The Zodiac is playing. I'll be screening the film shortly and will provide a review.)

*1971 saw the release of Clint Eastwood's Dirty Harry, which was based on the Zodiac case, although the villain was called Scorpio
*1971 was also the year of the ultra-low budget The Zodiac Killer, which played in just one theater

Feb. 17, 2006) ShadowMachine Films has provided its much-anticipated theatrical release date for The Zodiac: Opening night is March 17, 2006 in these cities/theaters:
*San Francisco Area -- San Francisco (Presidio); Vallejo (Vallejo 14); San Jose (Century 25); Daly City (Daly City 20); Union City (Union City 25)
*Los Angeles (Sunset 5)
*Houston (Greenway Grand 24)
*Dallas (City Place 14)
*Atlanta (Atlantic Station)

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