Donna Lass
(Donna Ann Lass at age 25 in 1970)

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The Sahara Tahoe

Donna's Apartment

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Missing person

Case number: 70-6436

Last seen: Sept. 6, 1970 (Saturday), approximately 2 a.m.
Sahara Tahoe in South Lake Tahoe, Cal.

Circumstances of disappearance: Lass, age 25, worked as a nurse at the Sahara. Her last entry in the nurse's log book was at 1:50 a.m., and although her car was found parked at her apartment complex in nearby Stateline, she wasn't seen after leaving the Sahara. The next day, an unknown male called her landlord and employer, stating Lass wouldn't be returning due to a family emergency. The call was a hoax, and there has been no trace of Lass ever since.

Below: Donna Lass featured on television's "The Hunt for the Zodiac Killer."

Zodiac victim? Nothing solid connects Lass to the Zodiac case, other than perhaps the fact that she was living just a few blocks from the scene of Zodiac's Oct. 11, 1969 murder of Paul Stine in San Francisco. A postcard, supposedly from Zodiac, was received by the San Francisco Chronicle on March 22, 1971, with the implication that Lass was a murder victim. However, the postcard contained no proof, as Zodiac was known for including. In 1999 a retired detective revealed to me that a former Zodiac investigator had admitted to forging the Lass postcard.

Conclusion: The facts indicate Lass was abducted after arriving at her apartment, which is behavior Zodiac never demonstrated. Even if Zodiac was responsible for the Lass postcard, it still is not proof that he abducted her.


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