On Sept. 27, 2003, Zodiackiller.com held a public gathering at Moskowite Corners General Store/Tavern near Lake Berryessa in Napa County, Calif. The date marked the 34th anniversary of the Zodiac's attack of a young couple that left the female victim dead and the male victim seriously injured. The purpose of the event was to share information that might help advance the case and catch a killer.
Prior to the public gathering, a private group met beginning on Sept. 25. Included were Zodiackiller.com Message Board members Bill Baker, Sandy Betts, Victor Cantu, Mike Cole, Lisa Dahlia, J. Eric Freedner, Ed Neil, Ray Nixon, Scott Norton, Sean O'Brien and Wendy Echols.
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Sean and Ray at the Valano Club in Vallejo. Sean came all the way from Ireland; Ray came from Michigan.

Ed gloats after a rare victory at pool.

Sean and Ray had been online research partners for several years but had never met.

Signing the Valano's guestbook.

Sean and I wait for a table at Rosita's restaurant in Napa.

Rosita's has the best Mexican food in Napa County.

Sean's first taste of Mexican food. It wasn't a successful experiment...

Dddid you guys hear something?!? Sean, yours truly and Ed on spooky Lake Herman Road late at night.

One of our cabins at Lake Berryessa's Spanish Flat Resort.

Lisa, Sandy and Ray at the Lake Berryessa crime scene, known to locals as "Zodiac Island."

From left to right: Wendy, Sean (standing), Bill (standing), Ed, Sandy, yours truly and John (back to camera) in deep discussion at Turtle Rock Tavern near Lake Berryessa.

From left to right: Mike (standing), yours truly, Lisa, Ed, Sean, Victor (standing), Ray and Scott (standing).

Ray, Bill and Sean.

Mike, Victor and Sean back at one of the cabins. We stayed up quite late discussing the case.

Back at Lake Herman Road, Mike has a close look at the bullet-riddled "NO TRESPASSING" sign as Ed stands guard.

Mike gets his first look at deceased Zodiac suspect Arthur Leigh Allen's old Vallejo house during part of Ed's famous "Z Tour" of the area.

At Zodiac Island, Mike, Victor and Ed pore over the facts. The general area hasn't changed much.

Quite a crowd gathered for the anniversary. That's Wendy in the foreground.

Ironically, this picnic table now sits at the approximate location where the victims were attacked.

Evening at Zodiac Island, just as how it would have looked back on Sept. 27, 1969.

The cemetary in St. Helena where Lake Berryessa victim Cecelia Shepard is buried.

Shepard's grave.

Sean waves goodbye in San Francisco's Chinatown. It's a long flight back to Ireland!

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