Late on the night of Oct. 30, 1966, 18-year-old coed Cheri Jo Bates was murdered on the campus of Riverside City College in Riverside, Cal. Despite the Riverside Police Dept.'s diligent, four-decade-long search for her killer, Cheri's case remains unsolved.

On this 40th anniversary of the Bates tragedy, here is an exclusive, never-before-seen look at Cheri's Volkswagon Bug (tampered with by her killer so it would not run), as well as an extensive look inside the college library where she was last seen. Also included is a color, high-resolution scan of a confession letter allegedly sent to police by her killer.

These pictures were taken within 48 hours or so of Cheri's murder. The photos of her Volkswagon were taken after the vehicle had been impounded by police.
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