Zodiac suspect Bruce Davis

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Bruce Davis
(Bruce Davis, early 1970s)

Davis is a former Manson Family member now serving time in a California prison for murder. While he can be placed in the San Francisco Bay Area during the late 1960s and is a convicted killer, as well as drug addict, certain facts tend to rule out Davis as being Zodiac:

1) Davis had long hair during the time of Zodiac's murders, which contradicts witness descriptions of a crew-cut Zodiac.
2) I recently obtained a 1970 California Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation report that states, "All male members of the Manson Family have been investigated and eliminated as Zodiac suspects."
3) Davis' handwriting doesn't appear to match Zodiac's.

A book on the subject of Davis as Zodiac, THE ZODIAC/MANSON CONNECTION by Howard Davis, is available at amazon.com.

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