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Subject: My Brother is the Zodiak Killer
From: monamont@xxx.com
I still think my (Cum Laude from Harvard 1960) is the Zodiak killer. He is the exact duplicate of one of the suspects, a genius blue eyed brown hair. I believe my brother was the Boston Strangler while he was in the Cambridge area right after he graduated from Harvard. Then he took a lot of drugs and got interested in astrology. He played a part in the Mikado when he was a teenager in our local church play. If you will recall Zodiak said he was going to work only for money when he gave up his role as Zodiak. I believe that he and my sister killed Jon Benet Ramsey for profit. I have offered my DNA to Denver police and my local police. The local police told me to find the right jurisdiction. I wrote many emails and letters to Denver offering to give them my DNA to check but they never answered me. Is there anything else I can do?
Never mix beer and wine.

Subject: Cheri Bates
From: sbarac@xxx.net
I came across your website and read through a lot of it....I was Cheri Jo Bates' next door neighbor...My family lived next door to the Bates from 1960 till Joe sold his house several years later...I remember Irene and her breakdown before the divorce. I remember going to see her in the institution. I remember Mike and Cheri and their dog, Jiggs, very well. I was about 13 years old when the crime happened. I had a major impact on our family. Susan
All the nutty e-mail I receive is worth it when I hear from someone like Susan.

Subject: Thanks!
From: heddcold@xxx.com
Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for your site, it's an amazing resource. Yesterday I finished shooting my scene for "In Control of All Things". I played the fictional character Paul Carmichael. My character was, for all intents and purposes, Bryan Hartnell. At any rate, thanks for your site, it helped loads in working on my character and finding out exactly what the circumstances were. Keep up the good work! IAN
Glad to help, Ian. ("In Control Of All Things" should be released in early 2004.)

Subject: he was arrested
From: lhunlin@xxx.ca
In 1990, the General Manager of the Blue Jays said that he was the Zodiac Killer. He phoned me at Dorothy Stickle's home, because I used to live with Dorothy, from September 1989 to January 1991. The Wild Country (formerly All Hit Country) had a contest going, or wagering on who was going to win the World Series. I phoned them and guessed the "Phillies" were going to win. I started getting calls from a Blue Jays player named Joe Jancowski, I don't have the exact spelling of his name. Anyways; he was a Chekaslovacian, he had a rare Cancer and he was the star player. He told me that he had to take lots of medication. I also got calls from the GM, I don't know his name, he told me that he is the Zodiac Killer. He was arrested in 1999, by the Williams Lake RCMP; he confessed to the fact that he was the Zodiac Killer.
I always had the Zodiac pegged as a Dodger...

Subject: Serial Killer Files
From: hschech@xxx.net
Dear Tom Voight: I'm a writer of books about serial killers, including the "A-Z Encyclopedia of Serial Killers." I'm working on a new one, the "Serial Killer Files," and of course I intend to cover not only the Zodiac but websites like yours. I'm writing to ask if there is any material, primarily visual but anything of interest, that you might supply me with for my book. I'm especially interested in Zodiac-related images that I could reprint, though it would also be great to get some images of your website that I could include. Let me know if this is possible. Thanks. Harold Schechter
I was more than happy to contribute materials for Harold's book. It will be released Dec. 23, 2003.

Subject: Arthur Leigh Allen
From: mikalj51@xxx.com
Arthur was a friend of mine while I was in Atascadero State Hospital. One of the very few with any intellect to speak of. We spoke of many things, from how to get over on the staff, to how he would feed squirrels from his shirt pocket. What I remember of him is far from what most have written about him. Even though it's been many years, and I haven't been very kind to my brain cells, I remember his wit and his laughter the most. Whatever the subject, he would inevitably have an opinion. And argue to the point of anger. He was particularly amused by the fact that I had pleaded guilty by reasons of insanity, on a robbery charge, and had ended up there, at Atascadero St. Hosp., instead of prison. Any story of a criminal act, escape or just plain getting over on someone, was intriguing to him, and, I felt, held admiration from him. What I really want to say is that I actually liked the guy. But while you're in a state hospital, there is slim pickin's for any real conversation and I only had a handful of friends. You learn what is bullshit real quick. And who is to be avoided. We talked of the Zodiac, and that he was under suspicion. And I remember telling him that I had lived in Riverside and Napa around the times of the murders. He had said things to me like "Hell, if they tried hard enough, with the fucking blinders they have on, they could fit his shoes on you." Meaning the Zodiac's shoes. But it just wouldn't fit being that I was doing time somewhere while these killings were being committed. I never really gave much thought to whether his was or wasn't the Zodiac. He acted disgusted with the whole thing. I have spent 14 years of my life in youth authorities, hospitals, and prisons. I have met people who were pure evil, ignorant, hatefilled, and downright scarey. Arthur was not one of those. If it finally gets proven that he was the Zodiac, I hope 'they' can find a why. Because if it does turn out to be him, I will be shocked. And my belief that I can usually 'read' a person, especially after a couple years, would be shot to hell. If you have received any mail from people who knew him while at Atascadero, and need to verify that I did know him, you may use my name. Michael Johnson. I was there from '75 to '78. And I would be glad to hear from any of them if they would want to get a hold of me.
Zodiac or not, Allen was one interesting guy. If you'd like to share a story about him, e-mail: allen@zodiackiller.com.

Subject: Zodiackiller.com Suspect Report
From: vjmarr@xxx.net
Suspect's name: Paul Daigle
Suspect's location: deceased
Why is he suspected of being Zodiac?: I was a psychiatric nurse in the Bay area during the time of the SF Zodiac murders. A patient was admitted to our hospital who many of us came to believe was the Zodiac killer. There were no murders during the time he was hospitalized. There was a murder one night when he was out on an unescorted pass. He committed suicide by throwing himself in front of a BART train. There were no more Zodiac killings reported after his death. At the time, confidentialty laws prevented us from reporting our suspicions to the police or FBI. He was a very ordinary appearing man who wore black rimmed glasses and looked like an accountant if you will. I worked night shift and by day he was very controlled and passive. I saw a 180 degree turn in his personality one night which frightened this calm and usually unshakeable nurse.Please keep my e-mail address confidential.
Yet another interesting suspect. Sometimes it seems as if Californians in the 1960s were all either killers, victims, cops or mental patients.

Subject: Zodiac
From: cnilsen@xxx.com
Hi Tom, I'll always remember the terror of Halloween in the late 60's/early 70's - our mommys all coming together and deciding that we would have Halloween before dark - they were terrified of the Zodiac after dark. As a child (I'm 42 now), it really did scare me - not that that was the intention of my overly-protective suburban mom. We trick-or-treated in the daylight (5:00ish) and could not go to ANY house we did not know. Such a scary time for us - the Zodiac made such an impression of terror in my mind, which lasts to this day. Thank you for your website - I find it so interesting - after all these scary years...Christine
The Zodiac was a real-life Bogeyman to an entire generation.

Subject: Suspect?
From: viewpoint27@xxx.com
in 1969 or 1970, i was hitchiking from L.A. to visit my cousin, who was a student at Berkley, I was picked up around trancas, north of malibu by a guy in his mid to late twenties, he said he could take me all the way to the bay area. I was 18 or 19. He told me about his mentor or guru, who if memory serves me, he referred to as the Natural Man. He said that they knew who the zodiac killer was, they had seen him sticking a knife repeatedly into an empty school bus, this was in Richmond. He said the zodiac's father was a sergeant at the Presidio. He asked me if i would like to meet his guru. I got to my cousin's place at 1930 blake st. in berkley, my cousin didn't want to meet the natural man, or the zodiac killer. I didn't go either, however the driver of the car that picked me up, told me the zodiac's real name, which i told to my cousin. I remembered it for many years, then forgot. But something tells me that leonard was either the first or last name. Maybe under hypnosis i could recover it.
Everybody has a Zodiac story from back then!

Subject: Zodiackiller.com Suspect Report
From: bchapafl@xxx.net
Suspect's name: Pee Wee Herman
Suspect's location: Los Angeles
Why is he suspected of being Zodiac?: Because someone stole his bike
Hey, don't laugh -- it makes more sense than most theories I've heard!

Subject: German TV
From: MaverikAlex@xxx.com
Hi, last night i saw a film about your work in TV. I think it was very interessting. I hope that you will find the real killer. I will look now more often on your site to read about this all. Sorry, but my English is not very good, because i come from Germany. Ronin
Ronin saw a sneak preview of John Mikulenka's upcoming documentary that aired in July 2003 on German PBS.

Subject: Zodiac?
From: shellimari@xxx.com
In the early 1970's, my grandmother and a female coworker took an impromptu trip to the Reno area. On the way (possibly still in N.California), after grabbing a bite to eat, their car broke down. This greatly surprised my grandmother, because the car wasn't that old. Out of nowhere, a young man pulled up behind them, got out of his car, and offered to help. My grandmother said he looked just like the sketches of the Zodiac killer in the paper. When he couldn't coerce them both to go with him to the service station, he tried to get one of them to go. Luckily, a highway patrol officer pulled up, and the young man sped off in his vehicle. My grandmother brought the story up with me when she saw me reading a 'Zodiac' book in the 90's. She said the incident frightened her, even years later. The highway patrolman didn't give their story much notice at the time. I wish I would have pressed her for details-she passed away in '97.
I sure would like to know what the car trouble turned out to be.

Subject: I was a teacher at Hogan High School and had a student tell me:
From: PRINZCHAZ@xxx.com
I was a high school teacher in Vallejo at Hogan High School during the zodiak days. The daughter of a school secretary was one person murdered. I recall having a young male student come up to me and tell me one day, "My dad is a policeman. You will not hear any more about any more zodiak killings because he has turned himself in on the condition that he be quietly sent to a mental institution and not arrested or prosecuted. " I brushed it off at the time as typical student talk, but it seemed true because that was the last I ever heard about Zodiak messages or killings.

Subject: career advice
From: garethpenn@xxx.com
Now that ALA has been ruled out, you might want to consider a new line of work. How about tending the landing lights for Amelia Earhart? gp
Gareth, I'm afraid you are incorrect. According to the San Francisco Police Department, Arthur Leigh Allen has not been "ruled out" as a Zodiac suspect. Meanwhile, I have some advice for you: Do the environment a favor and don't write anymore books, as I don't think the planet could survive without the millions of trees it would take to produce enough books to satisfy the public's craving for Gareth Penn reading materials.

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