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Subject: N/A
From: ShawnaPooh7297@xxx.com
This is the only Arthur Leigh I have found in the whole state of California. If he is truly a suspect in the Zodiac Killing then why are the cops not pursuing this more aggresively?? I have thought about calling this man myself and asking him some questions. Hmm..how knows maybe he will confess. Just a thought.
Geez, why didn't I think of that? It's just too bad the suspect's name is actually Arthur Leigh Allen and he died in 1992...

Subject: kodiak
From: y2jericho@xxx.net
In one of the letters to the SFPD from the Kodiac, i transfered the cracked letters in the letter to the uncracked letter from the Kodiac of another message on this site. It revealed the initials EWH. Could this tie in with his name.
Kudos to you for kracking the Kodiak's previously-unkracked kode!

Subject: question
From: sexynsweet2221@xxx.com
Hi, my name is Britney. I don't understand what your sight is about. Who is Zodiac? What can you do on this sight? Please answer my questions. Thank you.
Sincerely, Britney Boot
Britney, please don't ask such silly questions; I think it is more than obvious this website is about the Kodiak.

Subject: details
From: sherlock@xxx.com
I want to get more details about "zodiac" killer .I am a Chinese.

Subject: Hi
From: lorelle_moeckel@xxx.edu
HI, I am Richard Kramchuck and i am a kid who is interested in the Zodiac, and i am doin a report on him write now and i want to get the time,place, and who got murderd to complete it. so if u want to write back send it to dope_game210@xxx.com.
signed Richard Kramchuck
Yes, our future certainly is in fine hands.

Subject: First Zodiac Sighting
From: WLCrow@xxx.com
I was the first person to make a report on the zodiac. At the time, the zodiac killer was yet to be known. I and my girlfriend at the time were parked with the engine running and the lights on at the exact spot where the two first victims were killed shortly afterward. A car came from Benicia direction, turned around and chased us almost forcing us of the road. The next morning when I saw the picture in the Vallejo Times Herald, I contacted the Vallejo Police who referred me to the Sheriff. The report is the first one in the Zodiac case. In all the years that have passed, no one has ever asked me any details of what occured. Not that I could have added much to the events. The book refers to the incident in the first few pages. I was working at my computer and thought I would e-mail you.
It was good to hear from Bill; I had been looking for details about his odd experience on Lake Herman Road.

Subject: DNA testing of the stamps
From: bclawson@xxx.com
Hi, has anyone ever looked into DNA testing of the adhesive used in the stamps? It strikes me that if the person licked the stamps, then skin cells from the inside of the mouth would become embedded in the stamp adhesive.
I won't be sarcastic I won't be sarcastic I won't be sarcastic I won't be sarcastic I won't be sarcastic...

Subject: idea
From: Anonymous
Hey Tom, Anybody run with the idea that Zodiac was a hermapheridite? Something about one of his letters got me thinking in that direction. I believe it was one in which he pointed out that the composite drawing looked like him when he "did his thing," but the rest of the time he looked completely different. Just a thought.
I defer to our resident expert on such things, Gareth Penn.

Subject: Request for materials
From: Kardallastx@xxx.com
I would really like copies of all your letters, pictures, ciphers, and any other information you might have please. I will not explote you I only want to help to catch him whoever he is. Thank you. I am a college graduate about to work at AMS Productions here in Dallas. I am 21 years old and my name is Kenneth. I hope you are a nice man because I do not want to scare my parents.
Kenneth, if your parents aren't scared by now they never will be.

Subject: tats
From: Darkness442000@xxx.com
Hi, on the beginning of your page, you have 2 silloettes of the zodiac killer. I'm a tattoo artist & want to tattoo this on myself & one of my clients.
String, you have my permission to use the images as tattoos. All I ask is not to put them on your butt.

Subject: N/A
From: anthonyhmelia@xxx.com
I would like to be considered a Zodiac Amateur Sleuth
So you want to be one of us, eh? Are you prepared for the sleepless nights, cheap booze, unanswered questions and easy women? I didn't think so. You've got a lot to learn, kid.

Subject: The Zodiac Shack has collapsed!
From: Orafcw@xxx.com
Hey Tom, today I was out with a couple of friends at Lake Herman, and we turned off at Sky Valley so I can show them the Shack. It had collapsed! Both the barn and the little house are no more. Only piles of wood remain. I don't know when it happened, but as of today, June 10th, the Shack is gone. My buddy took a picture of me next to the debris. When it gets developed, I'll email it to you.
It's true; the Zodiac Shack is no more.

Subject: dee
From: pjmainecat@xxx.com
i worked with dee at terrys coffee shop her children and her father were crushed with when she was found shot . we were invited to a 4th of july party at her home at 12:30am.instead we were questioned by police. my name is patsy.Dee's father would come into terry's each day my heart went out to their family. i know rumors had been started that she had been sleeping around. Not true.
Thanks for clearing that up. It's always important to hear from those who were immediately effected by the Zodiac's crimes.

Subject: Ripper
From: Mikemckenna4@xxx.com
There has been strong evidence in recent years that the Zodiac and Jack the Ripper are blood related. Mrs. Mary McSorley is the sister-in-law of Dr. Francis Tumblity, the prime ripper suspect.She resided in Valleyho, California around 1890. Does any astute reader out there, suspect a connnection? Is Mary McSorley blood related to Arthur Leigh Allen?? If a scholar could trace this, that would link the most enduring unsolved crimes.Thank you for reading.
How can it be determined that two people of unknown identity are related? Am I missing something here?!?

Subject: Zodiackiller.com Suspect Report
From: Anonymous
Suspect's name: nic trujillo
Why is he suspected of being Zodiac?: he killed my cat and ate it
Don't worry; according to modern FBI profiles, serial killers rarely eat cats.

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