For the first time ever, an all-amateur task-force meeting was held on July 4, 2002, at Blue Rock Springs Park in Vallejo, Calif. Organized by this site, the meeting was for case enthusiasts to share ideas, information and theories about the unsolved Zodiac crimes in the hope that advances in the case could be made. I believe we were successful.
My visit to the area actually started on July 1. I was joined by fellow enthusiasts Ed Neil, Howard Davis, Sandy Betts and Scott Bullock. (Newcomers John and Marcus were also present.)
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Monday found us in San Francisco meeting with ex-Manson member White Rabbitt. Rabbitt believes the Mansons were responsible for the Zodiac crimes.

Howard and Rabbitt enjoy Thai food in San Francisco.

Tuesday we stayed in cabins at the Spanish Flat Resort on the shores of Lake Berryessa, not far from Zodiac's 1969 attack site.

Ed and Scott in one of the cabins. Our discussions were very beneficial to everyone.

Howard attempted to strangle anyone who didn't agree with his theory. Scott barely survived! (Just kidding.)

Scott, Marcus and John enjoying beer o' clock. We managed to have a great time despite the difficult schedule.

Sandy, Ed and Howard eating Sandy's famous macaroni salad. Sandy went to bed before 11 p.m.; the rest of us chatted until after 3 a.m.

Wednesday we visited "Zodiac Island," scene of the 1969 attack. Big Scott leaned against the tree and broke it. (Just kidding!)

Thursday's task-force meeting with (from left to right) Chalandra and Victoria (from Georgia), Kendra, Roger (from Texas), Clark (from Oregon), Ed and Howard.

John and I take a break from the news-media blitz.

Howard interviews victim Cecelia Shepard's ex-college roommate.

Roger Redding had a blast. There were many people in attendance who didn't want to be photographed for various reasons.

Kendra brought about a million bagels to share. She also survived an early morning trip to Lake Herman Road with Ed!

From left to right: Howard, Ed, Chalandra and Victoria. It wasn't until late afternoon that I finished with the news media and could mingle and take pictures.

Clark Kent represented Zodiac victim Darlene Ferrin's sister, Pam Huckaby, who couldn't make it due to health problems.

At least 125 people attended the eight-hour event.

Someone put a target on my back just in time for my chat with San Francisco's KTVU.

I'm chatting with Mike Kelleher.

The Zodiac even made an appearance to apologize. (Just kidding!)

That's Ed in the costume, which is similar to one left in Sandy's car in late 1969.

Seeing a replica of the Zodiac's costume was very helpful, as it reinforced the idea that he must have had excellent sewing skills. That helps narrow the list of suspects.

White Rabbitt, circa 2002.

Rabbitt attracted quite an audience.

Rabbitt pleased the crowd by giving us a dumpster dive.

At the end of the day, Ed removed the banner. It was a sad sight.

As I was leaving, a very strange man approached my car to inform me a rear wheel was wobbling. I didn't fall for it, though...

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